Patricia Altschul’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Patricia Altschul

Getty Patricia Altschul in 2019

Patricia Altschul is a well-known socialite who made her splash on the popular TV show, Southern Charm. Altschul has an estimated net worth of almost $20 million.

Altschul is also the mother of Whitney Sudler-Smith, who is the creator and executive producer of Southern Charm. Together on the show, the two have shown their lavish lifestyle in Charleston, South Carolina. But where exactly does all this wealth come from? Here’s what you need to know about Patricia Altschul’s net worth:

1. Patricia Altschul Is the Widow of a Goldman Sachs Partner

Altschul has been married a few times, but her most recent marriage was to a man named Arthur Altschul. Altschul worked as a general partner at Goldman Sachs, and was also the chairman of General American Investors, according to The New York Times. Altschul’s husband was a billionaire, according to Bustle, which is where most of her money supposedly comes from.

In Altschul’s book, The Art of Southern Charm, she wrote about the time when she first met her husband. “Ahhh…Arthur. He was the last of his breed: brilliant, charismatic, a great businessman, and a true gentleman with infallible taste and the best sense of humor,” Altschul wrote in the book, according to Bravo. “He was quite the luminary: a partner at Goldman Sachs, a philanthropist, a major art collector, and on top of everything else, a divine human being.”

Sadly, Altschul’s husband passed away in 2002 at the age of 81. According to Bravo, he suffered from health problems during the last few years of their marriage. “I was devastated to think that I would never see this wonderful man again,” Altschul wrote about her late husband in her book. “We came to each other late in life and had so little time together. I was inconsolable.”

2. Patricia Altschul Makes Money on ‘Southern Charm’

Altschul also gets paid for being a star on Southern Charm. According to Radar Online, each of the main cast members gets paid around $25,000 to appear on each episode. In total, there are typically around 15 episodes per season, which means that the stars can earn a total of around $375,000.

Additionally, the stars also get paid a bonus for appearing on the reunion specials, according to Radar Online. The bonus is usually somewhere around $60,000. Altschul has been on the series since the beginning in 2014, so it seems like she’s earned quite a pretty penny from her appearances.

3. Patricia Altschul Has a Collection on the HSN

Altschul is also a savvy businesswoman. Altschul has a line called Patricia Altschul on HSN. Altschul’s line includes items like brightly embroidered pillows, a faux fur bathrobe, and animal print faux fur blankets. Although it’s unknown exactly how much money Altschul makes from her decor line, it’s still fairly new, as it launched in October 2020, according to Bravo.

“I would best describe my home decor collection as high end, luxurious, and unique while also accessible and affordable,” Altschul said to E! News earlier this month. Altschul continued, telling E!, “One could do their entire holiday shopping from my collection!”

4. Patricia Altschul Is an Author

Altschul is the author of a book called The Art of Southern Charm, which was published in 2017. According to the book’s description, the book gives an inside look into Altschul’s life off-screen. The description reads, “With the poise of a true grande dame, Patricia provides advice on every situation, from hosting a memorable cocktail party, to handling a drunken boor at the dinner table, to delivering the perfectly phrased insult—like her now iconic ‘shameless strumpet.’ The Art of Southern Charm takes readers inside the world of Charleston’s most enchanting matriarch, who (with Michael the Butler) offers a blueblood’s blueprint for curating and celebrating life at its best.”

It seems like Altschul also reveals a lot of secrets in her book. According to Town and Country, some things that Altschul shares in her book are that she always uses a Chopard pen, and that she used to teach art history at The George Washington University.

5. Patricia Altschul Sold Her Long Island, New York Home for $12.5 Million

According to Bravo, Altschul sold her home in Long Island in March 2009 for $12.5 million. She shared the 10-acre home with her late husband, and it was located on Centre Island, overlooking the water. According to Bravo, the home had 30 rooms.

The home also included an elevator, a rose garden, and a library. The area was home to star-studded neighbors as well, such as Billy Joel and Rupert Murdoch. After the passing of her husband, Altschul sold the home to move back down to Charleston.

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