PHOTOS: Jennifer Fergate’s Hotel Room Crime Scene

Youtube The Oslo Plaza Hotel where Jennifer Fergate died is now owned by Radisson.

The mystery of what happened to a woman who signed into the Oslo Plaza in 1995 and ended up killed by a bullet in the head in her room three days later is one that has baffled Norwegian investigators and the public for decades.

The mystery is as much about what happened to this woman as it is about who the woman was.  While she signed into her room under the name Jennifer Fergate, that name and all of the other information she used to check into her room turned out to be false, according to a documentary about the case by Norway newspaper Verden’s Gang, or VGTV.

Because the identifying information Fergate gave all led to nowhere, the only clues investigators had to go on was what they found in room 2805 at the Oslo Plaza Hotel — the room where she either shot herself or as some believe, someone else took her life.

Follow this link to see crime scene photos from Fergate’s room at the Oslow Plaza.

Crime Scene Photos of Fergate’s Hotel Room Give Clues But Also Raise More Questions

There are many photos of the scene in Fergate’s hotel room following her death; a half-eaten meal, an attache case with over 30 bullets in it, blood spatter on the wall. In one photo, Fergate’s legs can be seen hanging off the bed, black stockings and pumps still on. Coke bottles and a bag of chips linger. An extra duvet was in the room, but what was more perplexing was what they didn’t find.

According to Germany’s Kasaan Times, most of the tags had been removed from the clothing found in the room. No toiletries were found, “no passport, no wallet, no money, no credit card. No handbag, driver’s license or keys,” according to websleuths. However, there was a nearly empty men’s cologne bottle.

The other thing Fergate didn’t seem to have was family or friends looking for her. Illustrations of the mystery woman were put out to the public, but according to the Verdens Gang documentary no one ever reported a woman matching Fergate missing.

Crime Scene Photos Show No Blood or Gun Powder Residue on Fergate’s Hand Leading Investigators to Wonder if She Was Murdered

Browning Hi-Power 9 mm

YoutubeBrowning Hi-Power 9mm, the type of gun used in Jennifer Fergate’s death.

One of the most mysterious photos from the crime scene is that of a Browning 9 mm gun that is commonly used in Norway, according to the former head of Norway’s E-14 Intellegence Agency, Ola Kaldager.

Kaldager told VGTV that “something just isn’t right” about the way Ferngate held the gun in her hand. While the death was ruled a suicide since the door was locked from the inside and no other fingerprints were found in the room, Kaldager said that because of the strong kickback from the type of gun that was used, it is unlikely that she would still be holding the gun with her finger on the trigger after she fired the gun.

Forensic Pathologist and professor Torleiv Ole Rognum told VGTV that another physical anomaly in the room was that there was no blood or gun powder residue on the hand that was holding the gun.

Rognum said the lack of blood on her hand was “striking” because “it sprayed all over the ceiling and everywhere.”

“You expect to find that when there is a gunshot wound and skin is flung off and blood hits the ceiling,” Rognum said. “There ought to be traces of blood on the hand that pulled the trigger. So the possibility that someone else contributed should be weighed carefully.”

According to the Kasaan Times, the serial numbers on the gun had been removed with “corrosive liquid in order to destroy the recognizability of the series.” The German media outlet reported in 2019 that since World War II, only “about 15 bodies that could not be identified in Norway,” making the question of who Jennifer Fergate really is an unusual and ongoing mystery.

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