Andy Cohen Says Lisa Rinna Firing ‘on the Table’

Andy Cohen Lisa Rinna

Getty Andy Cohen says Lisa Rinna firing is not off the table.

Andy Cohen says “everything is on the table” when it comes to Lisa Rinna‘s future with “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Andy Cohen Says He Isn’t Ready to Confirm Lisa Rinna’s RHOBH Status: ‘Nothing to Announce About That Right Now’

One of the biggest storylines to come out of BravoCon in relation to RHOBH was fans asking for Cohen to finally fire Rinna.

“Let’s let the reunions play out,” Cohen said when asked about the future of Rinna.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight published October 19, he admitted that anything is possible when it comes to Rinna’s future on the show.

“We kinda have those discussions now through the end of, after when the reunions air,” Cohen told the outlet. “I think the key to the success to this thing, that it’s been going for 16 years, is that we take people out, we put people in, and we try to keep it fresh. In terms of specifics of Rinna and anyone else, I think everything is on the table, but nothing to announce about that right now.”

During the RHOBH panel on October 14, Rinna was booed by the fans during her introduction. Shortly after she told Entertainment Tonight what that felt like.

“I loved it so much! Everyone was so worried for me and I was like ‘Why are you worried?’ It’s fabulous,” she told the outlet. “I’m like a wrestler, I’m like WME. I think I made it.”

Cohen also spoke about the booing.

“The truth is, I love that our fans are so passionate,” Cohen told the outlet in the October 19 article. “It’s usually my feeling, a lot of times people come after me on Twitter about something, they had wish I said something that I didn’t say, or something that they are mad at me about. I do find that when I meet people in person, they’re always pretty gracious — and they may say, like, ‘I’m pissed at you at what you did…’ you know? I think that her getting booed was unfortunate, because I, as one of the people who’s a host of this, you want everyone to feel welcome. I thought that she, in her animatable Lisa Rinna style, turned it around. She said it, her whole career she’s never been booed.”

On October 19, a source told Heavy that Rinna and her former publicist Jill Fritzo had had a “mutual parting of ways,” which Rinna’s current rep Jeffrey Chassen told Heavy happened “before Bravo Con or the reunion aired.” He said Rinna “parted ways with her previous publicist amicably.”

Kathy Hilton Says She Won’t Return to the Show if Erika Jayne & Lisa Rinna Are Still on the Cast: ‘I Feel There Are Two Bullies That Intimidate a Lot of the Other Girls’

“I had said that I would only be willing to come back if the cast [was different]. If it was completely the same, absolutely not,” Hilton told TMZ in a video shared on October 21. “I feel there are two bullies that intimidate a lot of the other girls. A couple speak up, but most of them, they’re not being the most authentic self when they’re pushed up to the wall and they’re afraid of what those two bullies [might do] because they’re capable of anything, Erika and Lisa.”

Rinna accused Hilton of having a meltdown in Aspen that included insults of all of the RHOBH cast mates. None of the alleged incident was caught by Bravo cameras.

“It’s a barrage of ‘I can’t f******* can’t believe that I have to be around you f******* peons! I don’t like them. Why do I have to be with them? They need to go away. They’re idiots. I have to do everything around here. This is my show, by the way, I have big deals over at NBC, everyone is protecting me and I will f******* ruin Kyle,'” Rinna said on the show, of what Hilton said when the cameras were down.

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Liz Delatorre
Liz Delatorre
3 months ago

Don’t fire Rinna. You still have bully and terrorist Teresa Guidice on the show and she is the worst of the worst. Kathy Hilton was not right for the show from the beginning. She has had issues with her sisters and I think she is very jealous of Kyle and Mauricio. She thinks she is better than all of them. Believe me Rinna is the least of your worries. Now Erika on the other needs to go and fast. The whole situation with her husband and denying that she knew nothing is BS. She has the audacity to even wear the blood money earings on the show. WTH!!! She is mean and arrogant!!

Leave Rinna alone you have other housewifes that are much worse and should go!!!

Colette Sloss
Colette Sloss
3 months ago

Please don’t fire Rinna. The show needs her. To me, she is an asset to the show. Fire Sutton or Gisele if someone has to go.

Jennifer Oboyle
Jennifer Oboyle
3 months ago

Did no one notice how absolutely pissed Kathy got over the vodka? I think that was just the tip of the ice berg. I absolutely believe she had a nasty meltdown and said horrible things but thinks (or does) have enough power to make it all go away. I’m glad Rinna stood up for herself and Erika too. None of those women are perfect but they are fun to watch. I think Kathy Hilton is afraid her reputation of perfection (if you can call it that- watch Paris’ specials) was about to be ruined. And she started to back track one million percent. Fans can be team Kathy all they want but let’s call it what it was. Look at the seething anger she had over the vodka….vodka! Then to get told to go back to LA….did he not know he was talking to Kathy Hilton!!!!!!

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