Andy Cohen Reveals His Least Favorite Housewives Husband

Andy Cohen

NBC Andy Cohen reveals which Real Housewives husband he likes the least.

Andy Cohen has revealed which Real Housewives husband he likes the least while appearing at BravoCon.

Here’s what you need to know:

Andy Cohen Says Jim Marchese Is the ‘House Husband’ He Dislikes the Most: ‘The Forgotten Season of Jersey’

During the “Ask Andy” panel at BravoCon on October 14, a fan asked who his least favorite “house husband” is.

“I would like to know who is your all-time least favorite house husband,” a fan in the audience asked.

Cohen grinned and then closed his eyes knowing before answering, “Am I doing this?” he asked the audience who erupted in applause. “Are you sure?” he asks again to a crowded room full of people yelling “yes!”

“This is probably an HR issue, oh all the phones come up,” Cohen joked of the fans filming his response. “Uh, the husband of Amber on Jersey. The forgotten season of Jersey,” he giggled. “With the twins. Listen, we tried.”

Cohen was, of course, referring to Amber Marchese’s husband, Jim Marchese.

The answer isn’t a total shock though many fans suggested other husbands they assumed he would have named.

“I thought he was as going to say Tamara’s ex husband Simon,” a fan tweeted.

Someone else said, “I thought he was going to say Slade.”

“Him or Russell Armstrong… or Jim Bellino…” another pointed out.

In 2018 Andy Cohen Blasted ‘Sick’ Jim Marchese After Homophobic Tweet: ‘Pray for His Poor Kids’

In 2018, Cohen and Jim publicly feuded over comments that Jim made about the LGBTQ community.

The tweet by Jim was in reference to Kevin Hart who stepped down as the Oscars host that year after old homophobic tweets surfaced.

“So true NO STRAIGHT MALE wants his son to be gay. A gay son is a curse that takes away your #family traditions #heritage #lgtbiq is a a parents nightmare that destroys families,” Jim tweeted at the time, according to People. “Ruins holidays like #Christmas #KevinHart we support you! #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder.”

Cohen, an openly gay man, spoke out against Jim who appeared on just one season of RHONJ.

“Thank gd is right,” Cohen replied to a fan in a now-deleted tweet. “Sick. Pray for his poor kids.”

Jim saw the tweet and responded back to Cohen on his own timeline.

“Creepy that @andy trolls my account. IT is SICK to refuse to have women viciously attack & abuse each so you can be famous & become wealthy… #elite #liberal #RHONJ #RHONY #RHOD #RHOA” he tweeted.

In 2015 when the couple did not return for season 7 they released a statement explaining why, according to People. 

“Jim and I have been giving Real Housewives or New Jersey a lot of thought and given the current state of affairs regarding our personal lives and the direction of the show, we officially decided to move on. The show was not what we expected it to be, and I want to pursue more suitable endeavors,” she told the outlet. “I was picked on a casting call while pursuing acting, and the person that was presented was created for the show. I had little control over content, situations, or what they decide to show the viewers.”


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