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The 15th season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” ended with an explosive two-part reunion which wrapped up airing on September 10, 2023, and after filming dozens of reunion shows over his decade-plus with the franchise, reunion host Andy Cohen is still seeing reunion firsts.

The “Atlanta” reunion ended with Housewife Drew Sidora debuting a new song of hers called “Throw Us Away”, which she said, “captures what [she and her estranged husband Ralph Pittman] were going through” around the time she and Pittman both filed for divorce.

Cohen took Sidora’s seat on the reunion couch while she performed center stage, with the host remarking, “I’ve never sat on the couch. Wow.”

The performance came just after Pittman was brought onto the reunion set to speak about his and Sidora’s relationship, which sparked an argument that ended in Sidora walking off of the reunion set to compose herself before returning. Pittman stayed on set during the performance, with Sidora performing her song directly to him.

Andy Cohen Called Drew Sidora’s Performance ‘Awkward’

Cohen was seen trying to keep a straight face during the “Throw Us Away” performance, glancing around the room behind Sidora while she sang. He even leaned over to Kenya Moore at one point to ask “She’s singing this to him?”

After Sidora’s performance, Pittman left the stage for Cohen to end the reunion with just the main cast members, and before Cohen was back in his chair center stage he told Sidora, “What you just did was really f***ing hard and really f***ing awkward,” which Sidora agreed with.

Once he was back in his seat, Cohen shared, “I’ve seen a lot of awkward things at reunions, but you singing the breakup song to Ralph was up there. Did having him be here make you singing it any harder, as it were?”

“That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, it was very awkward,” Sidora responded, “Not necessarily how I would choose to handle it, but you know it is what it is. I did it.”

Cohen was still thinking about the performance weeks after the Atlanta reunion taping, as he had comedian London Hughes on “Watch What Happens Live” the night of the episode’s airing (September 10), and asked Hughes for her reaction to the moment.

While Hughes said, “That was the worst piece of television I’ve ever seen in my life,” Cohen retorted, “The worst meaning the best,” which Hughes agreed with as she laughed about Cohen’s faces in the background of the performance.

“It was beautiful but she was very awkward,” Cohen said, with Hughes responding, “The poor girl was traumatized but she can hold a note,” and saying that Sidora earned her respect for making it through the full performance.

Fans React to Drew Sidora’s Reunion Performance

Fans flocked to a Reddit discussion thread on the RHOA reunion to share their thoughts on Drew’s performance of “Throw Us Away”, which she has confirmed is now available on all streaming platforms in a September 10 Instagram post.

“Drew singing while pointing at Ralph and the closeups to him awkwardly sitting there absolutely sent me,” one viewer wrote, with a response from another user reading, “The cuts to Sheree and Kandi bopping along — but not sure if they should be bopping along — to Drew’s song took me OUT”.

“WOW I am loving Drew singing this song DIRECTLY at Ralph. Ralph looked like a F***ING FOOL. And take your disgusting fake cousin [Courtney Rhodes] with you” another fan wrote.

“Ralph so pissed that Drew actually doesn’t need him because she actually has talent on her own,” another user commented.

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