Fans Think Bethenny Frankel Is Teasing a Return to RHONY

Bethenny Frankel

Getty Bethenny Frankel in 2022.

Fans are speculating that an item in a recent social media post of Bethenny Frankel’s is a hint she will be returning to “Real Housewives of New York.”

On April 6, 2022, Frankel posted a TikTok about rumors while holding an apple, the same item the women of RHONY hold in the show’s intro.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Spotted an Apple in Bethenny Frankel’s TikTok & Think It ‘Means One Thing’

The apple, paired with her caption led fans to wonder if she’s giving everyone a big hint.

“When they speculate about my next chess move…. #checkmate #moves #rumors #speculation #imfunny #funnymoments #alltherumors,” she wrote.

“She’s holding an apple…, That means one thing,” someone replied.

“You’re holding an Apple. Rhony legacy?” another fan asked.

“Please pray it’s coming back to one of my favorite shows or having your own I miss you on my TV every day,” someone wrote.

“Are we not going to talk about that big apple in her backyard,” someone asked.

Someone started a thread on Reddit titled “Bethenny hinting at a return? Clock the apple.”

“This is awful. Her comments about RHONY have been awful. Her attitude about the cast has been awful and if this is her luring us back in for her return, it’s awful. BUT GODDAM I WANT HER BACK,” someone wrote.

“The real gag would br if she said yes and agreed to Jill also coming back. Now that would break the internet,” a fan said.

“I think Bethenny wants to return, honestly. She craves the attention (example a) so she’s probably doing this shit so people get excited and she can use it as leverage to Bravo for bringing her back/paying what she’s asking,” someone said. “But like… at this point does she even need the money? Like if ur that desperate just come back.”

“I truly believe all the housewives want to return deep down inside even if they don’t need the money,” someone wrote. “The fact that they signed up for the show in the first place shows that they love/crave the attention and that’s something money can’t buy (money ≠ fame). I feel like they probably go back and forth a lot especially if they had a hard time on the show but I never believe their bluff when they just flat out say they would never return and they never even contemplate it.”

Bethenny Frankel Revealed She Was Asked to Return to RHONY but Bravo Probably ‘Can’t Afford’ Her

Shortly after the announcement that RHONY would be split into two shows, the longtime fan favorite spoke about the news on her podcast.

“Many of you have been asking me for a response to [the] Housewives announcement,” she said on her podcast, Just B With Bethenny Frankel. “So a couple weeks ago, I got a text from, you know, the powers that be in the Bravosphere saying, ‘Is there a chance? Is there a chance? Just asking, is there a chance?’ Meaning, would I come back.”

But don’t get too excited yet. Frankel says she doesn’t think the network would pay her what she wants to come back.

“When asked, I say, ‘There’s a number, but I don’t think you can afford it,’” she said on the podcast. “[It’s] probably smarter for them to just keep mixing together the ingredients that they already have on the shelf: the people that’ll do it for so cheap because they’ll do it for next to nothing for the relevance and the jolt.”


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