Bill Aydin’s Affair With a Co-Worker Confirmed on RHONJ

Heidi Gutman/Bravo Bill Aydin cheated on Jennifer.

The season 12 premiere of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” aired on Tuesday, February 1, 2022, and promised several weeks of drama. Things kicked off straight away with a sort of catching up with each of the women before they all headed to Teresa Giudice‘s home for a pool party held in her backyard.

It was during this pool party, toward the end of the episode, that things exploded between Jennifer Aydin and Margaret Josephs. The two got into a bit of back-and-forth before Margaret unleashed on Jennifer, and outed an Aydin family secret.

“Everybody’s got skeletons in their closet,” Jennifer said at one point in the conversation.

“But you talk about everyone else’s but your own,” Margaret responded. “You make it out like you’re better than everyone else,” she continued. And while Margaret looked like she tried to walk away, Jennifer kept talking — and that’s when Margaret seemed to lose it. “You always say Bill’s the best…he had an affair. Everybody knows,” she said, adding, “and that’s why he left his old job.”

“Her marriage isn’t as perfect as she says it is,” Margaret says, looking at Teresa. Margaret then says that Bill had an affair with “the office manager,” at which point Jennifer corrects her and points out that the woman worked as a pharmaceutical rep.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Blind From DeuxMoi Previously Claimed That Bill’s Affair Would Be Exposed on RHONJ

Fans that follow popular pop culture Instagram account DeuxMoi may have already had a feeling that Margaret was going to out Bill Aydin’s affair on the new season of RHONJ thanks to a blind that was shared last summer.

“I got some tea to spill straight out of New Jersey. This [housewife’s] husband from NJ had an affair 10 years ago (not Jackie) and Marge found out, and told everyone at [Teresa’s] party. Wife is super pissed because only they knew about it and had already worked past their issues, and now she has to tell her kids about it. Everyone is apparently being super mean to her and calling her a hypocrite for continually slut-shaming and coming after Marge for her affair. Big storyline for upcoming season,” the blind, which can be seen on Reddit, read.

And these aren’t the only cheating rumors that have been circulating on the internet, either.  Around the same time of the above blind, an anonymous source sent a message to BravoandCocktails on Instagram and accused Bill of cheating “constantly.”

The person who wrote in also claimed that “Jennifer knows but looks the other way.” It’s unknown if this will come out more during season 12.

Jennifer & Bill Aydin’s Marriage Is Expected to Be a Big Storyline on Season 12

Each season of Housewives seems to focus on one or two of the stars, giving them the main storylines. This season, it appears as though Jennifer will be front and center — and her marriage will be scrutinized.

Based on Jennifer’s social media activity, it seems as though she and Bill came out of the season okay, and the two are still married. However, based on the previews for the season, it looks like things are going to get pretty intense.

Moreover, some of the RHONJ stars have spoken out about the upcoming season, and have expressed that it’s going to be a doozy.

“There are things that happened that are going to be very big surprises. There’s no storyline like ‘oh, I saw that coming.’ Once again, I’m going to say, we’ve already topped last year, which was hard to do,” Dolores Catania said during an interview on RealiTea with Derek Z in August 2021.

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