Jennifer Aydin Shares Rare Photo With Her Sister & Fans Think They Look Like Twins

Getty Images Fans think Jennifer Aydin and her sister look like twins.

Jennifer Aydin shared a photo with her sister, Tina Altinel Profita, on January 16, 2022, and fans can’t believe how much they look alike. In fact, many people took to the comments section of the post to ask if they are twins.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star had a small get together at her home so that her kids could have a sleepover since they are home from school on Monday, January 17. While the kids were playing, Aydin, her sister, and another woman, perhaps a cousin, posed for a pic in their pajamas.

“Snow day slumber party. Our kids are making so much noise right now,” Aydin captioned the post. And while Aydin shared plenty of videos of the kids on her Instagram Stories, it was the photo of her Instagram feed that got tons of attention.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Can’t Believe How Similar Aydin & Profita Look

Fans think that Aydin and her sister (far left) look very much alike in the photo that Aydin shared over the weekend.

“You have a twin,” one Instagram user commented.

“Jenn you and your sister on the left… are you twins?” asked another. While the two look alike, they are not actually twins.

“Wait Jennifer are you a TWIN?! Holy Moly!!!” a third comment read.

“Which one is Jennifer? Seriously,” another person wrote.

“OMG twins…” a fifth social media user added.

Aydin Has 2 Brothers & 1 Sister

Aydin has a big, tight-knit family. Aside from having five kids (Justin, Gabriella, Jacob, Christian, and Olivia) of her own, she grew up in Long Island, New York, with three siblings.

In an interview with Newsday ahead of her RHONJ debut, Aydin revealed that she was two brothers and one sister. The reality star told the outlet that her older brother, Michael Altinel, took over the family’s jewelry business.

Aydin’s sister actually works as the office manager at Aydin’s husband’s plastic surgery office, and their brother, Steven Altinel founded the Long Island Musical Theatre Festival. Aydin is very close to her family, and her parents, Josephine and John have made appearances on RHONJ over the years.

During season 10, which aired in late 2019 and early 2020, Aydin’s brother, Steven, made an appearance on the show, and shared his coming out journey with the world. The moving episode proved very emotional for Aydin’s family.

“You’ve just got to understand the mentality of my parents. Culturally, it’s a shame to have a gay child. Your reputation means so much that you don’t want anything to risk ‘tainting’ it. So, my parents know he’s gay, but they never speak of it,” Aydin said, according to Bravo’s Daily Dish.

Steven later made an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” where he seemed grateful to have the opportunity to share his story because it really opened up a conversation with his family.

“I would say before the show, it didn’t seem like it was even an option. And now Jennifer’s opened up the conversation, so it feels great,” he said, according to The Daily Dish.

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