Kyle Richards’ Daughters Reveal if ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ Will Return for Season 2

The Umansky family.

Getty The Umansky family in 2022.

Will Kyle Richards’ family’s show “Buying Beverly Hills,” return for a second season on Netflix?

During a recent Nov. 17 interview with In The Know’s “We Should Talk,” Richards’ two daughters, Farrah Brittany, 34, and Alexia Umansky, 26, spoke about the possibility of landing a second season. However, it looks like they’re not too sure what the future holds yet.

“Is there any word on whether we’re getting another season, or is it too early to say?” host Gibson Johns asked the two sisters during the interview.

“Apparently it’s too early to say,” Brittany replied. “I’m like, isn’t it guaranteed if we’re trending all over the world, top 10? Apparently, nothing is a guarantee, so we’ll have to wait and see.”

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In November 2022, “Buying Beverly Hills” premiered on Netflix, which chronicled the ins and outs of their family real estate agency, The Agency, started by “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky. Both Brittany and Umansky work on their father’s team at the company as agents.

Mauricio Umansky Has Maintained That No One Was Hired to Appear on ‘Buying Beverly Hills’

While speaking to E! News in an interview published on Nov. 4, Umansky maintained that no one was hired to be on “Buying Beverly Hills.” Umansky said that everyone who appears on the series is a real agent who works at his company.

“Nobody was cast for the show,” Umansky explained. “These are all real people that are struggling. We show the rookies, the young 20-year-olds and allow them to make mistakes. Some of them may not make it. They may not have what it takes to be an Agency agent and be prepared to work for the most successful, luxurious, global real estate firm in the world.”

Umansky added, “We put ourselves out there with a lot of vulnerability. The relationships that exist are old. You know, my daughter, my relationship with her is 26 years old. There’s a lot of history on it. It all starts with a really tight relationship.”

Kyle Richards’ Daughter, Alexia, Was Nervous About Starring in ‘Buying Beverly Hills’

Even though Alexia Umansky is one of the main stars of “Buying Beverly Hills,” she admitted during an interview with People in October 2022 that she was worried about being on the show at first and how she would be portrayed.

“I was really, really nervous about all the little mistakes I made,” Umansky told the outlet. “It’s really scary putting your career out there for people to see, especially when you’re trying so hard to make it and prove something.”

Umansky also revealed that it made her see her mom’s longstanding role on “The Real Housewies of Beverly Hills” in a new way. Richards has been a part of the series since its first season, which premiere over 10 years ago.

“It really made me feel proud of my mom and these women who do what they’ve been doing for so long,” Umansky said. “I think what shocked me the most [about making Buying Beverly Hills] was just how it was really emotionally exhausting and there was just so much to do and so much to put out there.”

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