EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Where is RHOBH Cedric Martinez Today?

Cedric Martinez

Hulu/NBCUMV Cedric Martinez during RHOBH Season 1

If you’re a true Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan, you definitely remember Cedric Martinez, who appeared alongside former housewife Lisa Vanderpump during Season 1. Martinez quickly became a fan favorite, but he disappeared from the franchise after he fell out with Vanderpump and her family.

It’s been a long time since fans have heard from Martinez, and many are wondering, what is he up to today? In a recent interview with Heavy, Martinez dished about his life after the show and what he is up to now.

“After I left, I came back to London. I worked in restaurants for so many years, in hospitality, so I came back and that’s what I did,” Martinez told Heavy. “I’ve opened some really high-end restaurants and managed them, and I worked. Contrary to the way I’ve been described on that awful TV show, which is all lies, by the way…I worked. I worked a lot, and nonstop. I’ve been trying to rebuild my self-esteem and trying to get away from that because what it’s done is some real damage to my character, to my integrity, to everything, what those people have done.”

Martinez maintains that how he was portrayed on the show was a lie. He said that his storyline on the show made him look lazy, but Martinez is far from that.

Martinez Recently Moved To France

During the interview, Martinez revealed that he had recently moved to France to be closer to his family. “I just moved back to France, my country, about three weeks ago now,” Martinez told Heavy. “I’m in Léon. I wanted to be closer to my sister and her family. I’ve got a brother and I don’t know any of them really, because we were not raised together, so it’s another lie that was told on the show.” Martinez did have a family, but he barely knew them. Martinez said that he never met his dad, and that his mom left when he was seven years old, so he and his siblings were raised by the government. 

“We never grew up together, so as soon as I could leave France, that’s what I did,” Martinez told Heavy. “I left and I never wanted to go back, but now as I got older, I just feel like I missed a lot on my nieces and nephews and stuff. I just felt at some point no matter what happens to you in the past, no matter how hard it is, because it is not easy for me to be here, I think about the kids, you know? My nieces and nephews. I’m trying to be the uncle I never was, I’m trying to be the big brother I never was, so not again, not easy, because they are kind of strangers to me, so it’s a bit of a culture shock as well.”

Martinez Thinks That Reality Shows Are ‘Hurting People’

Even though Martinez was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, he is not a fan of reality television. “There was no highlight after I left the show. I don’t think people understand that this was a complete disaster. It did absolutely nothing but bring me grief and placed me in danger…” Martinez told Heavy.

Martinez continued, telling Heavy that he thinks reality shows need to be regulated. “I couldn’t leave my house, death threats, I did not leave my flat for a few months because I was literally scared… This is no joke. Reality shows should be banned… reality shows are actively hurting people. We’re supposed to be enlightened. We have to say, this is hurting people. There has to be rules and regulations.”

On his Instagram page, Martinez often posts about the truth surrounding reality television. If you want to stay updated on Martinezs’ life, you can follow him on his Instagram page, @cedricmartinez.

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