Real Housewives Star Opens Up About Covid-19 Diagnosis

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In a new interview, Real Housewives of Dallas star D’Andra Simmons opened up about her experience with the coronavirus.

In December 2020, Simmons was hospitalized after she was diagnosed with COVID-19. Thankfully, she is now coronavirus free and back at home, but the experience was a scary one for her. “I was actually in a COVID ward,” Simmons recently told HollywoodLife during an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live on January 18. “It was three nurses to one COVID patient and I went from being the most severe to the middle to OK, it’s now time to go home. I was in a place where I was on oxygen.”

Simmons continued, detailing more about her illness to HollywoodLife. “The problem with me is I wasn’t breathing,” Simmons said. “I was having a hard time breathing and I had the pulse oximeter. Mine was below 85. Below 90 is not good and that’s when I went to the hospital and they decided to admit me which was the right decision due to the temperature and the breathing. I was on oxygen and came home with oxygen and luckily I haven’t had to use it since I’ve been home.”

Simmons joined The Real Housewives of Dallas during its second season.

D’Andra Simmons Said That Her Fellow ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ Castmates Were Supportive

During her interview with HollywoodLife, Simmons also revealed that many of her fellow Real Housewives of Dallas costars were extremely supportive and caring while she was in the hospital.

“I really want to give a shout out to both of those girls,” D’Andra said of Kary Brittingham and Kameron Westcott. “Even though you see Kary and I are obviously having a little bit of a rocky road this year, Kary called Jeremy every day and checked on me. Because of my leg, I needed short-short pajamas so they went to Neiman’s and got me short-short pajamas. Kam and Kary and Tiffany [Moon] all 3 of them, so they were very concerned. They checked on me every day and they texted me every day.”

D’Andra Simmons Took to Instagram to Share More About Her Experience

On her Instagram page, Simmons has opened up in a few posts about her experience with the virus, and what it taught her. In an Instagram post on January 5, Simmons shared a quote from Oprah with an emotional caption. “My illness forced me to slow down and re-evaluate my priorities and to understand the importance of self-care,” Simmons wrote. “It has given me such appreciation to be alive and thankful for everything I have, and for everyone who cares for me…and for those who took the time to reach out when I was in my darkest hour. I am grateful to be here!”

Simmons also shared a video of herself when she was being released from the hospital. “I want to send so much love and gratitude to all of the staff at UTSW Hospital,” Simmons wrote. “From the nurses, techs, doctors and everyone in between who helped me throughout my time at the hospital. I want to say THANK YOU for taking such good care of me and putting your own health on the line to make sure I recovered safely.”

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