Denise Richards Claps Back After Twitter User Wishes Harm on Her

Denise Richards

Getty Images Denise Richards responded to a Twitter user who wished her ill will.

Denise Richards is still reeling following a “terrifying” road rage incident that happened in California. On November 14, 2022, the former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star was driving with her husband when another driver driving behind them got impatient, according to TMZ.

The person in the other vehicle was yelling and tried to pass the vehicle, that was being drive by Phypers, and then pulled out a gun and fired off a shot, hitting the back of their truck. Both Richards and Phypers were uninjured, though both were more than likely shaken up after the scary incident that could have been much worse.

Heavy reached out to Richards’ rep for comment on the situation but did not hear back. However, since the report came out, Richards has spoken out on social media. She took to her Twitter account to respond to a nasty message that she read from another user.

Here’s what you need to know:

Richards Clapped Back at the Twitter User

In the comments section of a news report shared by CBS, someone wrote that they wished things in the road rage incident were even more serious.

“Don’t care kinda hope she would have taken a grazing shot to the neck honestly,” the tweet, which appears to have been removed by Twitter, read.

“Thank you. I would never wish any harm on anyone. What I experienced yesterday with my husband, not that you care. Was the most terrifying situation I have ever been in. I’m sorry a shot didn’t graze my neck…a******,” Richards tweeted in response.

Someone else sent their well wishes to Richards following the ordeal and she thanked them.

“God Bless you! Glad you are doing ok! Prayers to you and your family! What a terrible ordeal you suffered,” the Twitter user wrote.

“Thank you so much,” Richards responded.

She hasn’t said anything else about the experience.

Several Fans Responded to Richards’ Post & Let Her Know They Are Glad That She Is Okay

Despite Richards calling out that one person for their hurtful message, several other social media users sent Richards their well wishes and let her know that they were glad that she’s safe and found after the incident.

“Glad you’re safe now. Honestly,” one person wrote.

“I really don’t understand why people feel the need to post stuff like that. Be safe Denise, crazy times are upon us lately,” someone else added.

“Glad you and Aaron weren’t harmed. The psychological impact will take time to heal, but you will appreciate that time even more now,” a third tweet read.

“I’m happy to hear it didn’t turn out worse. My prayers, thoughts, strength, and support are with you. I wish I had magic words to stop the gun violence in this country. Time will hopefully help both of you to move forward and help you both to feel better,” a fourth said.

Several people also commented letting Richards know that they had reported the tweet that wished harm on her.

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