Former RHOBH Stars Fire Back at Garcelle Beauvais Following Latest Bots Comments

Garcelle Beauvais.

Getty Images Former RHOBH stars react to Garcelle Beauvais' comments on WWHL.

During her time on “Watch What Happens Live” that aired on July 13, 2023, Garcelle Beauvais chatted with host Andy Cohen about several Bravo-related things, from Kyle Richards’ marriage to the bot attack against her son, Jax Nilon, that occurred in August 2022. Beauvais’ comments on the latter received feedback from former reality stars Diana Jenkins and Lisa Rinna.

At one point during the interview, Cohen asked the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star if she had heard from Jenkins, who filed a lawsuit in an effort to find out who was behind the online attacks against her son. Beauvais responded, “no.” When asked if she found out any additional information about the person behind the attacks, Beauvais said they “came close” but in her “heart of hearts” she knows “who’s behind it.”

Beauvais added that she will “never say publicly” who she truly believes is responsible. “I think it was multiple people,” Beauvais responded when Cohen asked if she thought Jenkins was the person behind the attacks. She then revealed that she accused Jenkins at the season 13 reunion, but it wasn’t show on television. Now, Jenkins is responding — and so is Rinna.

Here’s what you need to know:

Diana Jenkins Had Her Lawyer Reach Out to Garcelle Beauvais’ Lawyer in April

After cruel comments appeared on Jax Nilon’s Instagram account, many people believed they had been posted by bots. At the time, Jenkins jumped into action in an effort to help Beauvais and her son by finding out who may have been behind the hurtful messages.

Beauvais, however, has hinted more than once that she believes Jenkins may have had something to do with the attack.

In response to Beauvais’ latest comments on the matter, Jenkins took to Instagram to post the full letter that was sent from her lawyer’s office to Beauvais’ legal representative. The letter is dated April 2023.

“I write concerning the hateful and malicious social media bot attack that was directed against Ms. Beauvais’ son, Jax, last August. We cannot even begin to imagine the hurt, stress and harm it caused Ms. Beauvais’s son, Ms. Beauvais, and the rest of their family. We know Ms. Beauvais and Ms. Jenkins have had their differences, but Ms. Jenkins had absolutely nothing to do with that deplorable conduct,” the letter read, in part.

The letter went on to reveal that Jenkins has spent “tens of thousands of dollars” in an effort to help. And while there has been some information uncovered, the letter states that there could be a better outcome if Beauvais joined the lawsuit. If she agreed to do so, Jenkins offered to “cover all expenses” involved.

“Alternatively, if Ms. Beauvais did not wish to join Ms. Jenkins’ lawsuit, Ms. Jenkins is willing to share her investigation findings thus far. We understand from the reunion show and media coverage that Ms. Beauvais is conducting her own investigation. We believe that Ms. Jenkins would find Ms. Jenkins’ investigative findings thus far of assistance. Please let us know if either option is of interest to Ms. Beauvais. We are also happy to further discuss these two options or alternative options that will lead to identifying who directed the hateful attack against Ms. Beauvais’ son,” the letter concluded.

Lisa Rinna Reacted to Garcelle Beauvais’ Comments

In the comments section of Jenkins’ Instagram post, Rinna said that she thinks it’s time for the name of the person behind the attacks to be revealed.

“Now seems like it’s a good time to release the name of the person who did it. I think it’s time,” the former reality star wrote.

Dozens of other comments appeared from fans weighing in, many praising Jenkins for her efforts in the case.

“You did what you could. She’s using this as a narritive [sic] to make you look bad. If she was so concerned about finding the ones who did that horrible thing to her son, she should’ve swallowed her pride and join forces on the investigation. That’s it!” one person said.

“Why would Diana go to all these lengths, spend all that money, if it was her. It doesn’t make sense. Why not join forces and look? Just doesn’t make sense. I’m sorry but I’m team Diana all the way on this one,” someone else added.

“Diana would never attack someone’s child. You can see what a great mother she is and know that kids are off limits,” read a third comment.

Both Jenkins and Rinna have decided to part ways with the franchise and will not appear on season 14.

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