Dolores Catania Talks ‘Heartbreaking’ Giudice Family Feud

Dolores Catania.

Getty Dolores Catania in 2022.

Dolores Catania has some thoughts on the Giudice family feud.

While speaking to Access Hollywood at BravoCon 2022, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star spoke about her feelings on the family’s drama. Currently, Teresa Giudice and her brother, Joe Gorga, are not speaking after something major went down at the RHONJ season 13 finale taping, which Melissa Gorga spoke further about during an August 2022 episode of her podcast.

“The family drama you’re talking about, I’m going to say it’s heartbreaking to me because we’ve all grown up together,” Catani said. “I mean, I’ve known them since they were little and I always look at them as when they were just brother and sister who loved each other more than anything. And I will always look at them like that, and there’s always hope that things can move forward.”

Dolores Cantania Calls Teresa Giudice & Joe Gorga Feud Heartbreaking: ‘This May Not Be The End’Dolores Cantania spoke Access Hollywood’s “Housewives Nightcap” host Lauren Herbert at BravoCon 2022 on Saturday and weighed in on the Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga feud. “It’s heartbreaking to me because we’ve all grown up together, I’ve known them since they were little and I look at them as when they were just a brother…2022-10-15T17:42:00Z

During the interview, Catania also weighed in on a possible reconciliation between the sibling pair.

“You know, they’ve come back from a lot of things,” Catania explained. “So this may not be the end. We’re all still here, it’s not a finale, right?”

Season 13 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is expected to premiere this winter on Bravo.

Dolores Catania Said That the Sibling’s Feud Was at a ‘High Stage of Bad’

While speaking to Page Six in September 2022, almost a month after the season 13 “Real Housewives of New Jersey” finale was filmed, Catania gave an update on the feud, admitting that things still weren’t going too well.

“It’s definitely at a high stage of bad,” Catania told Page Six at the time.

Catania continued, “I wouldn’t say this is terminal yet, if I were to speak in medical terms. I’ve seen people come back from a lot worse.”

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star also tried to give some perspective to readers on their feud.

“When things are emotional between people — as they are right now — you stay out of it, away from it, let things calm down and then hopefully they’ll come back together at some point,” Catania said.

Teresa Giudice Recently Spoke About Her Family During a Podcast Appearance

During Nov. 8 appearance on former RHONJ producer Carlos King’s podcast, “Reality With The King,” Teresa Giudice spoke more about the feud and a recent revelation she had about the entire thing. Giudice admitted that she never watched the show in the past and that maybe, it turned out to be a good thing when it came to her relationship with her brother over the years.

“I never watched the show, everybody knows it,” Giudice said. “Everybody knows I never watched the show because I couldn’t stand watching. I think that was a blessing in disguise for me not to watch the show… because now I’m starting to watch the show, and I’m watching everything that my brother and Melissa said about me.”

Giudice continued, “It’s heart-wrenching, devastating, it’s the worst. I can’t even believe my brother and melissa would say things like that about me, like I swear to God, when I see it now, now that I’m watching it, it’s like, that’s why I didn’t watch it. I would’ve got more upset, it would’ve been more fighting and it would’ve hurt my parents even more.”

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