Has Kyle Richards’ Daughter Farrah Aldjufrie Cut Ties With Kathy Hilton?

Farrah Aldjufrie

Getty Images Farrah Aldjufrie speaks out about her mom's feud with Kathy Hilton.

Kyle Richards and her sister Kathy Hilton were faced with some challenges on the 12th season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” While the sisters have certainly had their ups and downs over the years, something that happened on the show — but off camera — really caused a rift in their relationship.

During the cast trip to Aspen, Colorado, Lisa Rinna claims that she had an experience with Hilton that was like no other. The two women had left a club together, sharing a Sprinter van back to Richards’ home. During that time, Rinna said that Hilton said some very surprising things about the rest of the RHOBH cast, including Richards.

Rinna accused Hilton of threatening to “take down” the show and to “destroy Kyle and her family,” according to People magazine. Hilton denied saying anything of the sort. Unfortunately, Bravo cameras didn’t catch any of the interaction because filming had really wrapped for the season at that point, according to the show’s executive producer Andy Cohen.

Richards was put in the middle of the drama, forced to either believe her sister or Rinna, which really took an emotional toll on her, as evidenced by the tears shed at the RHOBH reunion. And while all of this has been going on, some have wondered how the two families deal with these tough situations. In a recent interview, Richards’ daughter Farrah Aldjufrie opened up a bit about how things are handled on her end.

Here’s what you need to know:

Aldjufrie Still Has a Relationship With Her Cousins but Ultimately Supports Her Mom

The “Buying Beverly Hills” star revealed that she and her cousins — Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton Rothschild — try their best to keep their parents drama “separate” from their relationship, though that can be challenging at times.

“We do try to keep it separate as much as possible,” she told Us Weekly. “And we are very close, so we try not to get involved in their stuff, but, you know, I always will have my mom’s back,” she added.

“We’re being as supportive as we can to her. At the end of the day, she’s an incredible person and a friend and all of her friend group has been her friend group, you know, my entire life. She doesn’t have these issues with them and we all know who she really is and that’s all that matters,” she continued.

Hilton Is Planning to Attend Aldjufrie’s Upcoming Wedding

Although things aren’t 100% better between Hilton and Richards, the women don’t appear to be letting the tough time get in the way of a major family event.

Richards’ oldest daughter is engaged to her beau Alex Manos and the two are busy planning their upcoming wedding.

On an episode of RHOBH during season 12, Richards made it clear that she would be inviting all of her family members to Aldjufrie’s wedding.

“My daughter is getting married. I want everyone at the wedding,” she told co-star Garcelle Beauvais. Richards stressed this at BravoCon 2022 as well.

“[The entire] cast will be invited [and] all my family will also all be invited,” Richards said, according to Bravo.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Hilton was asked if she’d be at her niece’s wedding. “I mean, of course,” she responded.

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