SEE IT: Fans React to Jen Shah Blaming Assistant in RHOSLC Season 3 Trailer

Jen Shah Stuart Smith

Bravo Jen Shah and Stuart Smith in RHOSLC.

The “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” season 3 trailer is out and the fans are all over it.

On Wednesday, August 31, the full trailer for the upcoming season of RHOSLC dropped.

Here’s what you need to know:

Heather Gay Teases Physical Assault With Black Eye in New RHOSLC Season 3 Trailer: ‘You Look Like Somebody Clocked You’

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In the three-minute trailer, we see hints of Jen Shah’s trial, guilty plea, and the aftermath as well as rumors about sexual favors, child abuse, and a potential physical fight.

In one clip Heather Gay reveals a nasty black eye beneath sunglasses.

“Heather, you look like somebody clocked you,” Lisa Barlow says to Gay when she sees her eye. “Well, maybe somebody did,” Gay says back.

Meredith Marks is in the hot seat when she reveals to Whitney Rose a rumor about Barlow, “I just heard that she was doing favors to help get places to pick up Vida Tequila.”

In a later scene, Rose repeats the rumor to Barlow and the rest of the group “You told me she performed sexual favors,” Barlow responds, “Are you crazy?!”

There are also three new housewives in the mix Danna Bui-Negrete, Angie Harrington, and Angie Katsanevas.

Bui-Negrete proves to be a firecracker as she’s seen telling Shah to be nicer if she wants “money on her books” implying she’s heading to prison. She’s also seen revealing, “Someone I know was working for Jen and now he’s an informant.”

The new season begins airing on Bravo on Wednesday, September 28.

Fans Praised the New Housewife for Confronting Jen Shah: ‘She Is Instantly Iconic to Me’

The fans took to Reddit to discuss the new season teaser. One of the big focus’ of comments stems from a clip of Shah blaming her former assistant and friend Stuart Smith.

“I got played by Stuart Smith,” Shah said in the trailer. “I would not be in this thing at all if it wasn’t for Stuart.”

The fans were not happy with her for that.

“Of course Jen is shifting blame on to Stu,” someone wrote. “Agreed… happy to know it doesn’t work! Clink clink!!!!” someone else replied. Another fan agreed by writing, “Right? Infuriating. Classic narcissist. Always the victim.”

“the new girl ate jen up omg!!” a fan said.

“She is instantly iconic to me! I hope they show the footage they filmed around Mary’s church and we get to see the women be Nancy Drew. I am going to miss Mary tho because as a viewer she was endlessly entertaining,” another fan said.

“Ok, this looks REALLY good! I gasped when that woman came at Jen!” a fan wrote.

“That newbie going after Jen was everything these women should have done last season to her and what RHOBH should do to Erika,” a fan said.

Some fans focused on the “sexual favors” remark about Barlow.

“the way this is the most transparent payback for ‘she fucked half of new york’ is sending me,” someone pointed out.

“When Lisa said ‘are you crazy?!’ – I noticed two things: 1) she didn’t initially deny it and 2) she’s subtly nodding her head as she says it,” someone wrote.

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