Joe Giudice Looks so Different in new Photos & Fans Can’t Believe it

Getty Images Joe Giudice has lost a significant amount of weight.

Joe Giudice is looking far less “juicy” these days!

The former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star moved to the Bahamas months after he was deported to Italy following his prison sentence, according to The Sun. Giudice spent 41 months behind bars after he was found guilty on fraud charges. While he was incarcerated, he decided to put effort into working out — and he lost “more than 50 pounds,” according to Entertainment Tonight.

While the weather and the scenery in the Bahamas are equally great, it seems that Giudice chose the location to make it easier to see his four daughters. Not only is he in the same timezone as his girls, but it’s also a much easier flight for them.

Giudice has been living in the Bahamas for almost a year, and it looks like he has kept up with his workout routine. In new photos shared on Instagram, Giudice is looking more fit than ever before.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Couldn’t Get Over How Great Giudice Looks

Giudice rang in the New Year with his four daughters, Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana, and a few family photos were shared on social media. Giudice wore a pair of black slacks and a Burberry button-down shirt to celebrate the incoming new year. He posed for pictures with his kids, and fans simply couldn’t get over how good he looks.

“Holy [sh**]! All of you look amazing!!!!!! Your dad!! Not even recognizable!! Looks amazing,” one Instagram user commented on Gia’s Instagram post (above).

“Joe is looking real hot these days,” another comment read.

“Wow !!!! Your Dad looks amazing. He looks younger,” a third comment read.

“Joe, you look soooo good!! Omg,” a fourth person wrote.

“Your dad! Holy smokes he looks good,” someone else added.

Giudice Worked Out & Changed His Diet to Lose Weight

Giudice was extremely dedicated to getting in shape while he was in prison. And, according to a source, it wasn’t just his exercise routine that caused him to take the weight off.

“Joe worked out twice a day every day to lose the weight and in the end he lost more than 50 pounds,” a source told Entertainment Tonight back in 2019.

“Joe didn’t just lose the weight because of his disciplined workouts, it was also his shift in diet. Joe was used to eating huge home-cooked Italian meals. Teresa’s an amazing chef and made for him delicious food when he lived at home, but, when he was in jail, the food was dreadful and he cut back a lot,” the source added.

Now, it seems clear that Giudice is keeping up with the habits that he developed while behind bars.

The former reality star made headlines in early December after it was confirmed that he split from his girlfriend of one year, Daniela Fittipaldi. Giudice told InTouch that he wasn’t in the right mindset to be in a relationship.

“I was married for 20 some years. … I’m in no rush, I’m in no damn rush. Unless I really find the one that really just does it and it happens, that’s one thing. Who knows? I might not meet another good person like that, but right now is not the right time,” Giudice told the outlet.

He also revealed that would likely be heading to another island in the Caribbean for work in early 2022. It’s unclear, however, if he’s moving out of the Bahamas, officially.

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