Was RHONJ Star John Fuda Misinformed About Louie Ruelas?

John Fuda and Louie Ruelas.

Bravo John Fuda's ex-wife is speaking out.

The husband of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Rachel Fuda made some bold claims about Teresa Giudice’s husband during the season 13 reunion, but was he misinformed?

Brittany Malsch, John Fuda’s ex and the mother of his son Jaiden, is speaking out after John Fuda claims that Louie Ruelas found out where she was while she was serving time. Malsch denies ever having spoken to Ruelas.

“This whole Luis contacting me accusation is completely absurd,” Malsch told The U.S. Sun. “It just goes to show how delusional these people are. I was never, ever contacted by Luis or his people,” she continued.

“I’m astonished by the entire situation – it’s so petty. This is typical of John. He used to do things like this all the time and it was so embarrassing,” she added. Moreover, Fuda’s ex says she has plenty of tea to spill and that if Ruelas did contact her, she “would’ve given him an earful.”

Meanwhile, a source close to the Fudas tells Heavy, “This particular outlet has been in contact with Brittany, who is currently in jail and not a reputable source, four separate times. It’s obviously a smear campaign. John also did not ever say that Brittany was personally contacted by Luis, he said that her whereabouts were discovered due to related PI investigations hired by him. This is not the only investigation that was conducted on the Fudas. Regardless, John and Rachel are completely unfazed by Brittany’s comments, which is why they haven’t responded. They laugh them off.”

Here’s what you need to know:

John Fuda Brought Receipts to the Reunion but They Weren’t Opened

During part three of the RHONJ season 13 reunion, Fuda accused Ruelas of trying to get in the middle of his wife’s decision to adopt his first-born son. “He had somebody track her down,” Fuda claimed, holding up a manila envelope.

It’s unclear what may have been in the envelope, but it never made it to host Andy Cohen and thus wasn’t opened up for all to see. Fuda claims that his ex was contacted by someone affiliated with Ruelas’ pal and private investigator Bo Dietl.

Meanwhile, Dietl has maintained that he’s never been hired by Ruelas to dig in to the RHONJ cast.

“I was never hired by Lou Ruelas for any investigation on any cast members. I want to set the story straight today,” Dietl said in a video shared on his Instagram feed on May 30, 2023.

When the men were excused from the stage, Ruelas walked over to Rachel Fuda and told her that he thinks she’s a great mother. John Fuda didn’t seem too impressed and tried to usher Ruelas off the set — and away from his wife.

Margaret Josephs Says Her Son Was Contacted by Louie Ruelas

Someone else who brought receipts to the reunion is Margaret Josephs. The reality star claims that someone called her son and threatened him. “I’m the guy you need to worry about,” the person on the other end of the line said, according to Josephs.

“My child was called and threatened at work … by Louie, and we have the phone records,” she said while the cameras were rolling.

Josephs pulled phone records out of the manila envelope that she brought with her and handed them over to Cohen, who then asked Ruelas if it was his phone number that was listed on the document — and he said it was.

“This is their phone number, my child would have no idea who this person is, it happened last week, April 13, that’s his phone number,” Josephs continued. “It’s true, I’m sorry the police know it’s true. The phone records have been pulled,” she said.

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