Kate Chastain Slams Real Housewives Star on Twitter

Kate Chastain

Getty Kate Chastain in 2020

In a new tweet, former Below Deck star Kate Chastain slammed Real Housewives of Potomac star Monique Samuels.

Chastain was tweeting during the airing of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion on December 13 when she went in on Samuels. “I am curious to know what color binder tab Monique allocated to her own embarrassing details…T’Challa parrot grey?” Chastain wrote on Twitter.

Chastain was referring to the binder that Samuels brought along with her to the reunion, which had various “tabs” for each of her fellow cast members. In the binder, Samuels had “receipts” about various rumors and scandals regarding the women. For example, Samuels had a tab in her binder dedicated to Gizelle Bryant, and during the latter half of the reunion, Samuels pulled out screenshots from an anonymous woman with who Bryant’s ex-husband is supposedly cheating on her with.

Chastain is a former Chief Stew on Below Deck, and currently hosts Bravo’s Chat Room, alongside Gizelle Bryant.

Monique Samuels Responded to Chastain’s Tweet

After Chastain shaded Samuels on Twitter, Samuels clapped back at her. “Actually it was the first tab,” Samuels wrote in response to Chastain. “A red tab. Keep watching and learn something.”

Many of Chastain’s fans responded negatively to Chastain’s tweets. One user wrote in response, “I’m usually a fan of yours, but please recognize that Gizelle is only friendly to you on that bore of a talk show because she needs to keep a job. With your history of DV, I would stay in my lane on this one.” Another wrote, “Obviously you weren’t watching, she said clear as day, she had a tab for herself! Girl, bye!”

During the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion, Chastain also tweeted out a few more shady comments. Chastain posted a photo of the Potomac ladies at the reunion, writing in the tweet, “I love how yellow is the theme of such a shady reunion.”

Kate Chastain Has Said That She Would Consider Being on ‘The Real Housewives’

During an October 2020 interview with Us Weekly, Chastain revealed that she would be open to joining a Real Housewives franchise in the future. “It’s pretty much like Below Deck,” Chastain told Us Weekly. “You get to drink and talk about the people on the show in confessionals without the work … and you don’t have to wear a uniform, [so] that sounds great.” Chastain also explained that since she has an apartment in New York City, she would consider joining The Real Housewives of New York as a friend.

And, it looks like she already has a tagline in her back pocket. Chastain also revealed that she had been thinking about what her Real Housewives tagline would be for a while. “My old tagline used to be: I may have a resting b**** face, but that’s the only part of me that’s ever resting,” Chastain revealed to Us Weekly. “But since I stopped yachting, I’m doing a lot of resting.”

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