Details About Kathy Hilton From Inside the Caribou Club Revealed

Kathy Hilton

Getty Images More details about Kathy Hilton at the Caribou Club have been shared.

Some additional details about what went down at the Caribou Club when the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” were in town are being revealed.

Vanity Fair editor Britt Hennemuth chatted with the ladies on the “B**** Sesh” podcast and shared his experience at the Caribou Club where he was just a couple of days after the RHOBH ladies.

The Caribou Club was the location that the ladies were at prior to Lisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton’s interaction that is highly contested and wasn’t caught on camera. On the RHOBH reunion, Hilton explained that she had wanted the DJ to play some music so that she and her castmates could dance.

Hilton asked the manager who refused because they were “too busy.” She said that the manager asked her where she was from before telling her to go “back to LA,” which made her upset. It was at this time that Hilton asked her sister, Kyle Richards, to leave the club with her. When Richards refused, Rinna offered.

From there, Rinna says Hilton had an epic “meltdown” and dragged everyone in the cast — which Hilton denies. While there’s no saying what might have happened after the women left the Caribou Club, Hennemuth got some scoop about what happened inside.

Here’s what you need to know:

An Employee at the Caribou Club Spilled Some Details

Hennemuth was at a party at the club and ended up talking to an employee about the RHOBH cast that was at the location just two days prior.

“I say, ‘Were you here the night of Kathy Hilton?’ And this person looks left. This person looks right. And they say, ‘I was. And I saw everything,'” Hennemuth said on the November 2, 2022, episode of the podcast.

Hennemuth asked for details and revealed what the employee told him.

“Kathy was no more drunk than most people,” the employee said, and suggested that the altitude in Aspen could have had an affect on Hilton that night. “What they saw was very much that,” Hennemuth explained. The employee showed Hennemuth the chair that Hilton sat in while waiting for her ride and added that the “rudest” of all the women there that night was Lisa Rinna “who refused to check her coat and screamed at people.”

Andy Cohen Previously Explained Why Cameras Didn’t Catch What Happened That Night

As Hilton and Rinna both have different recollections about what happened after they left the Caribou Club, fans have been trying to figure out who is telling the truth. Many had also been wondering why Bravo cameras weren’t filming inside the Sprinter Van — and at Kyle Richards’ house in the time that followed.

“@Andyyou got to ask production why they didn’t get any of this Kathy Hilton drama on camera! #RHOBH,” the question read. Much to the surprise of many, Cohen actually responded.

“Cameras were down for the night. No cameras allowed in the club,” Cohen wrote.

Ahead of the reunion — and during the three weeks it was airing — Rinna and Hilton both shared various cryptic messages on their Instagram Stories and things between the two women have yet to be resolved. In fact, Hilton said that she wouldn’t return to RHOBH for another season if Rinna and Erika Jayne return.

“I would only be willing to come back if the cast… if it was completely the same? Absolutely not,” she told TMZ. “I feel there are two bullies that intimidate a lot of the other girls. A couple [of the housewives] speak up but most of them… they’re not being their authentic self when they’re pushed up to the wall and they’re afraid of what those two bullies — because they’re capable of anything,” she added.

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