Fans Are ‘Deeply Concerned’ After Kelly Dodd Posts New Video

Kelly Dodd

Bravo Kelly Dodd on RHOC reunion.

Fans slammed former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Kelly Dodd for posting about losing weight.

On April 29, 2022, Dodd posted a video of her working out in the gym and the fans were not happy with her about it.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans of Kelly Dodd Slammed Her for ‘Road to Weight Loss’ Post ‘U R so Superficial’

“On my road to weight loss !! Follow me on my YouTube channel “Rick and Kelly Unmasked” …Goal is -7 lbs. Get my tips on exercise & diet too. I’m weighing in everyday to achieve my goal !! Let’s get summer-ready everyone !!” she tweeted.

“Weight loss??? Girl come on,” someone tweeted. 

“7 whole pounds! Life changing! Go girl! Also..:nobody cares,” another fan wrote.

“Omg so stupid to post you working out,” someone wrote on the Instagram post of the same video. “7lbs?! Come on. I take sh**s that weigh that much. Give me a break,” another person wrote on Instagram.

“Alright Regina George ‘I really wanna lose 3lbs’,” someone wrote on Instagram. “7 lbs for me is a whole dress size,” Dodd replied to the comment.

“You aren’t even squatting correctly…” someone tweeted.

“Sheesh! Show off!” someone else wrote. 

“Deeply concerned that with a body like that you think you need to loose weight,” someone commented.

“Nah…..,” someone tweeted.

“7 lbs,” someone tweeted with the laughing emojis. “#extremeweightlossgoals” the same person additionally tweeted, “Is your daughter doing it as well? U r so superficial I figured u would make her work out and lose lbs also”

Despite the several negative comments, there were also plenty praising Dodd for her hard work.

“Holy cow you already look like you found your summer body,” someone tweeted.

“Oh no…now I gotta workout today…u look marvelous!” someone said. 

On Dodd’s Instagram, “Real Housewives of New York” star Ramona Singer commented. “Wow,” with several flame emojis and “Your body is perfect as it is now !!!”

Kelly Dodd Was Criticized by Fans for Comparing Former RHOC Castmate Emily Simpson to Fiona From Shrek

Earlier in the week, Dodd shared a side-by-side photo of Emily Simpson in her reunion gown next to Princess Fiona from Shrek (after she became an ogre). That post did not go over well with fans.

The post has since been deleted but several comments were captured by Page Six before its removal.

“Oh gosh Kelly….I don’t like Emily AT ALL, but this is not kind!” one fan commented, according to the outlet.

“Please don’t be like this. I really want to like you but….,” another person commented, according to the outlet. “Not ok,” someone else wrote, Page Six reported.

“This is very distasteful, idk why you would do this?” someone wrote, according to the outlet.

Dodd replied to the criticism from Bravo superfan Michael Rapaport who shared the photo on FOX 50.

“thanks for the shoutout @michaelrapaport …if i just ‘moved on’ you wouldn’t be talking about me ! watch my next #rhoc reunion recap with ‘slick rick’ on ‘rick and kelly unmasked’ on our youtube channel this week !!” she wrote on Instagram along with a clip.

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