Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann Reveal What They’re Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Kim Zolciak.

Getty Kim Zolciak with husband Kroy Biermann.

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak and her husband, Kroy Biermann, have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

During a recent interview with E! News that was published on Nov. 23, the couple revealed what they were most thankful for this year. While Zolciak said that she was thankful for her “family and [their] health,” her husband also added that they were grateful for their “freedom.”

“I might just add our continued freedom,” Biermann told the outlet. “You’re free to make your own choices and free to marry who you want to marry, free to do what you want with your life and where you want to go and all those things and I think that we sometimes take for granted those choices in our life.” 

Zolciak was a cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” during seasons one through five, and returned as a “friend of” for season 10. Zolciak and her family also had a spinoff show on Bravo for eight seasons called “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party.”

Zolciak Once Said That She Still Feels Like She’s a ‘Newlywed’

Although Zolciak and Biermann have now been married for 11 years, Zolciak told HollywoodLife during an interview in December 2020 that she is “blessed” to have him in her life and that she still feels like a “newlywed” much of the time. Their anniversary is Nov. 11.

“I mean, I still kind of sometimes feel like a newlywed,” Zolciak admitted to the outlet.

And, while speaking with Fox in 2019, she also admitted that her kids are sometimes “grossed out” by the amount of PDA she and Biermann have in their relationship.

“They’re so grossed out!” Zolciak-Biermann admitted. “They’re like, ‘Gross!’ They kind of joke around about it, but they also respect the fact that we do love each other so much and we do have a great marriage.”

Kim Zolciak’s Two Oldest Daughters Are Set to Appear on a New Reality TV Show

When talking about what they’re grateful for, Zolciak and Biermann forgot to mention their daughter’s new reality TV show! According to People, Zolciak’s two oldest daughters, Brielle, 25, and Ariana, 21, will be starring in a new reality show as they try to survive living in Los Angeles while being cut off financially. The two of them will be trying to launch their own line of hair products.

“Skeptical of their ability to fend for themselves and take their new venture seriously, Kim plans to put her girls to the test by completely cutting them off,” a description for the series reads, which was obtained by People. “For the first time in their lives, the sisters will have to pay their own bills, live on a budget, do their own laundry, and cook and clean, all while staying out of trouble.

Zolciak’s daughter, Brielle,  also told the outlet, “Fans have seen us grow up on camera and let’s face it … we are a mess. I’m eager to embark on this journey with my sister, but definitely know it will be a tough road ahead.”

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