New Details About Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky’s Split Set to Emerge

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky.

Heavy/Getty Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky's split to play out more on "Buying Beverly Hills."

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s separation is set to play out in more detail on season 2 of “Buying Beverly Hills.”

While many “Real Housewives” fans thought they were going to get some inside scoop on season 13 of the hit Bravo show, Richards revealed that a lot more was filmed for Umansky’s Netflix series.

“[Our decision to separate] happened after we were done filming,” Richards said on an Amazon Live, which streamed on Thursday, February 29, 2024. “[Then] the story came out and then the Netflix cameras happened to be in Aspen,” she explained, adding, “ ended up filming with us talking about it.”

Season 2 of “Buying Beverly Hills” premieres on March 22, 2024.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kyle Richards Wanted to Be Sure to Film Some Crucial Scenes for RHOBH Fan

Since news of Richards’ and Umansky’s separation broke in July 2023, the reality television star knew that she’d have to share some of the details of the split on “Housewives.”

“Obviously, Bravo has been following my life for 13 years. It’s not like they can film that scene [for Netflix] and then I don’t share it with the viewers of the ‘Housewives’,” Richards said.

“We ended up shooting both of those scenes for ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ and ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ after we were all wrapped,” she added.

“There were things that happened that made me lose my trust that I wasn’t able to recover from. It just felt like my whole life was over in that moment. The life as I knew it,” Richards said on an episode of RHOBH.

Meanwhile, on BBH, a more in-depth conversation with Richards’ and Umansky’s daughter is caught on camera.

“I had an amazing 26 years with your mom. An amazing 26 years. I wanted to do everything possible to just save it. So your mom came and she talked to me. And she said, ‘I think I need space,'” Umansky tells the girls in the season 2 trailer. “She said to me, ‘Listen, the rules are that you go out, you date, you do whatever it is you want to do. I’m not going to be asking you what you’re doing. I don’t want you to be asking me what I’m doing. Like we are separated,'” she explained.

A Source Said That Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky Are Likely Getting Divorced

People magazine was first to report on Richards’ and Umansky’s split.

“Kyle and Mauricio have been separated for a while now but are still living under the same roof. They remain amicable as they figure out what’s next for them and their family,” a source told People magazine on July 3, 2023.

The two were quick to release a statement, denying any “wrongdoing” and being clear that divorce wasn’t on the table.

“Any claims regarding us divorcing are untrue. However, yes, we have had a rough year. The most challenging one of our marriage. But we both love and respect each other tremendously. There has been no wrongdoing on anyone’s part,” their joint statement, shared on social media, read, in part.

In the time since, however, it seems as though the two have grown further apart. More recently, a source told Us Weekly that divorce is more than likely in the former couple’s future.

“Neither of them wants to pull the trigger [and file for divorce]. They don’t have a prenup, so Kyle will be getting half of everything, but that doesn’t bother Mauricio,” a source told Us Weekly.

“It feels so final. They share space, and it’s working for them now,” the source added.

Richards and Umansky have been married since 1996. They share three daughters together (Richards has an older daughter from her previous marriage to Guraish Aldjufrie).

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