Lisa Vanderpump Poses With Her Grandson & Fans Can’t Get Over How Much He Looks Like Ken Todd

Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump 1

Getty Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump.

Lisa Vanderpump posted a proud grandma photo on her Instagram page.

The 61-year-old former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star became a grandmother after her daughter, Pandora Vanderpump-Sabo, welcomed her first baby, a son named Theodore, with her husband, Jason Sabo, in November 2021.

In the new pic, Vanderpump snuggled her grandson while posing with him in front of a Christmas tree. The newborn looked straight at the camera as his doting grandmother gazed down at him.

“My lil Teddy… Cute little Vanderpumpkin oh this year has been hard but he makes it all worthwhile,” Vanderpump captioned the post.

Fans Can’t Believe How Much Baby Teddy Looks Like His Grandfather, Ken Todd

Although baby Teddy is Vanderpump’s first grandchild, Ken Todd, her husband of nearly 40 years, became a grandfather 30 years ago when Warren, his son from his first marriage to Pamela Todd, welcomed a baby boy named Ryan. Ryan is the same age as Vanderpump and Todd’s son, Max, according to the Daily Dish.

In photos shared by Starcasm, the family resemblance is apparent, and it appears that baby Teddy got his looks from his maternal grandfather’s side of the family as well.

In response to Vanderpump’s new photo, several fans commented on the strong family genes as they noted how much the baby looks like the SUR owner’s husband.

“He looks like Ken!” one fan wrote.

“Omg he looks like a mini Ken,” another wrote.

“How does this baby look like Ken already,” another asked.

“Oh that look he’s giving! He looks like Ken! Haha,” a fourth fan wrote.

“Holy crap does he look like Ken! Absolutely precious. God bless u all!” another added.

“I think maybe all new babies look like Ken,” another chimed in. “That furrowed brow those chubby cheeks.”

Lisa Vanderpump is Excited to Be a Grandmother

This is not the first time Vanderpump has posted a photo of her grandson. In November she posted a pic that showed her wearing a mask while holding the newborn.  She also revealed her unique grandmother name.

“Obsessively in love with baby Theodore,”  she captioned the pic. “Thank you Pandy and Jason for making me a Nanny Pinky!!”

Vanderpump told People that the “Nanny Pinky” moniker was “bestowed” on her by her daughter and son-in-law in honor of her signature color. She also revealed that the arrival of her grandson was welcome good news for her family after several years of grieving over the loss of loved ones.

“It’s very happy news for us after losing my brother, my mother, and Giggy in the last three years — it’s a blessing,” Vanderpump said ahead of the arrival of her grandchild. “I love children, I love being a mother … it’s such welcome news for us.”

Vanderpump has been waiting to be a grandmother for years. In 2018, she told the Daily Dish she was ready for the role.

“I love having somebody to kiss and smoother with love,” she said at the time. “I think I’m prepared. I’ll just take the good bits. We won’t take the diapers and we won’t take the sleep deprivation.”

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