Louie Ruelas Is Helping Joe Guidice With Immigration Case

Louie Ruelas and Joe Giudice

Bravo/Joe Giudice Louie Ruelas is helping Joe Giudice.

Louie Ruelas and Joe Giudice have met since Ruelas started dating Teresa Giudice.

“Louie wanted to go to the Bahamas and meet [Joe], which I thought was the most amazing thing ever,” Teresa Giudice said on the March 24, 2021, episode of “Watch What Happens Live.”

“He said he just wanted to talk to him and let him know he’s not trying to take his place or anything. But he just wanted to meet him, ’cause I have daughters,” she added.

The two men have gotten along fine for the sake of the kids and neither has anything bad or negative to say about the other, which is something that truly seems to make Teresa Giudice happy.

In fact, on the December 21, 2022, episode of the “Namaste B$tches” podcast, Teresa Giudice revealed that her husband is actually helping her ex in any way he can as Joe Giudice continues his immigration case.

Here’s what you need to know:

Joe Giudice May Return to the United States

The December 21, 2022, podcast episode was a follow-up to the week before when Joe Giudice was actually a guest. During the episode, Teresa Giudice and her co-host Melissa Pfeister wrapped up some loose ends from their chat with Teresa Giudice’s ex-husband.

One of the things that the ladies discussed was whether or not Joe Giudice was trying to return to the United States. He was deported to Italy after doing time in prison for fraud, according to E! News.

“Look, everybody makes mistakes. I did what I had to do. I spent a lot of time in prison. People kill people and get that kind of time, you know what I mean? I just think it was a little too harsh, the sentence. I think they could have been a little lenient and they could have still made a point,” he told E! News in October 2020.

In the time since, however, Joe Giudice moved to the Bahamas so that he could see his kids more easily. But that doesn’t mean that Joe Giudice has given up his hopes for returning to the United States. He is still very much pushing forward with his immigration case, according to his ex-wife.

“I do feel bad for him,” Teresa Giudice said. “I’m just being patient. … I know he’s a good man and good dad and I can’t wait for him to be back on top.”

When Pfeister asked if Teresa Giudice thinks that her ex would ever come back to The States, Teresa Giudice responded, “We’re working on that right now.”

Ruelas Is Doing Whatever He Can to Help Joe Giudice

While no one may have expected Joe Giudice to get along with his ex-wife’s new love, the two guys appear to have a lot of respect for one another.

In fact, Teresa Giudice revealed that her husband offered to pick up Joe Giudice’s paperwork from the immigration attorney.

“He’s like, ‘babe, I’m gonna go for you,'” Teresa Giudice said of Ruelas’ decision to lend a hand. “He’s like, ‘I don’t know if that’s going to be emotional for you or, like, bring back memories and stuff like that.'”

“So, he went for me. He picked everything up,” Teresa Giudice said. She then explained that all of her girls are writing letters about their dad to the judge to explain why they want their dad back in the same country. In a surprise addition, Teresa Giudice said that her husband also wrote a letter.

“You know how amazing Louie is? He wrote a letter,” Teresa Giudice said. The letter is about how Ruelas sees Joe Giudice as a dad. He’s giving the letter to Teresa and Joe Giudice’s oldest daughter Gia Giudice so she can submit it.

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