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Luis Ruelas claimed on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” that he hired private investigator Bo Dietl to dig up dirt on all of his wife Teresa Giudice’s co-stars. Afterward, as Giudice was on “Watch What Happens Live,” he walked back his claims and denied having paid Dietl to get information on the RHONJ cast.

Ruelas’ claims came during the “Flappers of Fury” episode on May 16, as Ruelas told the RHONJ cast that he was good friends with Dietl and he “knows s*** about everybody in this room.” He said, “I’m not talking, like, gossip. Like, Bo Dietl, who’s, like, one of the most famous private investigators in the country, one of my best friends, brought me information on each person in this group. There’s so much more.”

On May 17, Dietl himself spoke out about Ruelas’ claims and while he confirmed that the two are good friends, he set the record straight that he was never hired to dig up dirt on the RHONJ cast. “It never happened,” he assured ET Online. “The fact is, look, I know Louie and Teresa, I’ve known ’em for a long time, over the years. I’ve known them very well, I’ve been to their home for their housewarming of their home.”

He then added, “I’m not part of this Housewives stuff. All I really know is, I like Louie and I like Teresa. Now, all of a sudden, he gets into a beef with his brother-in-law, and the next thing he opens his mouth, and the brother-in-law knows he knows me, so what is he gonna say? ‘I got the most famous private investigator — I got dirt on every one of yous.’ It was all bologna and it never happened.”

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Bo Dietl Said He Called Luis Ruelas to Ask Him About His Claims Right Away

After Ruelas’ comments aired on the RHONJ episode, Dietl revealed that he called his friend and asked him why he made those claims. “I said, ‘Lou, why would you say that?'” he recounted to ET Online. “‘Oh, I wanted to let them think that I got you in my pocket, Bo, and they got to be careful,'” Dietl revealed Ruelas’ answer.

He said he “caught a lot of crap from it” and explained, “You don’t use me like a pocket watch. You hire me. I do incredible investigations. You want security, you want investigation? That’s why I’m around for 38 years, and I’m very, very honored to be here in business in New York City. All over the country, we do investigations and security, but to throw out, ‘Aw, I’m gonna get Bo Dietl — I got dirt on every one of you, I got Bo Dietl on you.’ No, you ain’t got no Bo Dietl on you.'”

Luis Ruelas & Teresa Giudice Both Said His Claims Weren’t True After the Episode Aired

Ruelas admitted that he’d made up the claim when he appeared in the audience of “Watch What Happens Live” after the episode to support Giudice. He said he’d felt “at the end of my rope” and that he was really frustrated in the lead-up to his wedding.

Giudice agreed with her husband and said he’d made it up, then pointed out that doing an investigation on all her co-stars would cost an exorbitant amount of money.

Dietl agreed, telling ET Online that he was happy to see the retraction. “Of course it’s made up… In reality, if we were hired to do an investigation, we’d do an investigation. That investigation, to do eight cast members, probably would cost him half a million bucks. I don’t think Louie’s gonna be paying a half a million bucks. I mean, to get real surveillances and all this kind of stuff — but Louie was talking out of his butt a little bit on that one.”

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