SEE IT: Photo of Mauricio Umansky & Daughter Portia Causes Controversy Among Fans

Mauricio Umansky.

Getty Images Mauricio Umansky shares new photo with youngest daughter.

A new photo of Mauricio Umansky and his youngest daughter Portia Umansky is causing controversy on social media.

Kyle Richards‘ husband shared the photo on his Instagram account on July 22, 2022, and fans reacted in the comments section. The photo showed Mauricio and Portia, 14, propped up a deep-cushioned couch, sharing a moment that some felt was “beautiful” and others found “creepy.”

“Hanging out with my Portia,” Mauricio captioned the picture, adding “#priceless.”

Mauricio laid with his legs bent, putting one hand on his daughters knee and the other behind her back. Portia was snuggled in next to him, with her hand on his face as she planted a kiss on his forehead.

This is the first photo of this nature that Mauricio has ever shared on his personal Instagram account. Generally speaking, he keeps his Instagram work-centric and throws in some family pics on occasion.

Some “Real Housewives” fans though that the photo was inappropriate, some even admitting that they had to do a double take because they didn’t realize it was Portia in the photo. Others pointed out that it was simply a sweet moment between a father and his daughter. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Several RHOBH Fans Reacted to the Photo on Instagram

It didn’t take long for fans to react to the photo of Mauricio and his daughter. Several people felt that the shot was inappropriate while many others felt that it was a really sweet moment between a father and a daughter. Either way, the comments were fairly split.

“A little creepy,” one person wrote.

“I love you both, but this is a bit creepy,” someone else added.

“Sorry..this is creepy,” a third Instagram user said.

“Like it’s great that they have a close relationship, cool. But when I saw the pic I thought it was a couple. Be smarter about what you post on social media,” another comment read.

“I understand its not creepy to them they are just embracing but its not a good look the hand on the thigh, his head in her chest and in a daybed,” added a fifth person.

Several other people saw no issues with the photo and expressed such in the comments.

“For a girl who never had a father in her life, this picture and the relationship he has with his girls makes my heart feel really great inside. What a great dad he is,” one comment read.

“Nothing like daddy-daughter love,” another Instagram user wrote.

Mauricio Has a Very Special Bond With Portia

The comments on Mauricio’s past posts about his kids have been mostly positive and he hasn’t posted many — if any — posts that have caused such an uproar amongst fans.

Regardless of the controversy surrounding Mauricio’s latest Instagram share, his relationship with his youngest daughter is extremely special. The two have a very close bond and Mauricio has shared a bit of that love on social media in the past.

“Wishing my favorite person; my little love a very very Happy Birthday. I love you,” he captioned a post on Portia’s birthday back in March 2022.

Mauricio and Kyle have three daughters together and Mauricio does consider Kyle’s oldest daughter, Farrah, his own as well.

“Proud to be a girl dad. Proud of every one of these women. I am so lucky,” Mauricio captioned an Instagram post on International Women’s Day 2021.

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Sirius TheCat
Sirius TheCat
19 days ago

That picture is stunning and will be cherished forever. I’m sad people look for ugly in that. That’s his last baby girl, then poof, they are all grown and married and he can wait to be grandpa. Don’t disparage a loving dad.

Gail Rosenzweig
Gail Rosenzweig
20 days ago

I’m sorry but has our world turned so upside down that a father and a daughter can’t cuddle, love each other without people saying it’s creepy ? Omg people STOP IT! Portia has always had a beautiful relationship with her father. Every girl should have a father love her like this . Your disgusting comments and inuendos have made me sicker then what you accuse this loving father of .

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