The Truth About the Melissa Gorga Cheating Scandal

Melissa and Joe Gorga

Getty Melissa and Joe Gorga in 2019

The newest season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has already started with a bang. The season has alluded to plenty of drama, arguing, and even cheating scandals.

In a preview for the RHONJ season, Teresa Giudice seemingly accuses Melissa Gorga of cheating on her husband – and Giudice’s brother – Joe Gorga. “Last night, the owner of the restaurant asked Melissa for her number,” Giudice says during the trailer. “They’ve been texting all day.” The camera then cuts to a shot of Gorga typing away on her phone

Later on in the trailer, the couple gets into a fight. “Be careful what you say, because I’ll never talk to you again,” Joe Gorga says to his wife.

Bravo then released a preview for the newest episode, airing Wednesday, March 3. During the episode, the ladies – except for cast member Jackie Goldschneider – take a cast trip to Lake George, NY. “The ladies prank Joe [Gorga],” the narrator says in a preview, as captured by the Bravo fan Instagram account @RealityWineDown. The camera then cuts to Joe Gorga in a confessional saying, “Something’s going on…I mean is this true?”

So while the trailer makes it look like Melissa Gorga is cheating on her husband with a restaurant owner, the RHONJ ladies are just pulling a good old fashioned prank on Joe Gorga.

Melissa Gorga Has Confessed to Having ‘Tension’ With Her Beau

Gorga may not be cheating on her husband, but that doesn’t mean their marriage is perfect. Joe and Melissa Gorga have been married since 2004, which means that they are nearing their 20th anniversary. Together, the two have three kids: Antonia, 15, Gino, 12, and Joey, 10.

“There’s definitely some infidelity rumors floating around and I’ll be honest with you, it’s right off the bat with the first episode. Boom, it’s like right there,” Gorga told E! News in February. “So it definitely sets the tone for the season. Listen, it’s real, there’s accusations going on. Obviously Joe and I are bumping heads a lot this season. It’s been rough. It’s been a little rough.”

Gorga added, “I would say too with Joe and I it’s like we’ve been on reality TV for 11 years. I would say we’re doing a pretty damn good job. I mean we’ve been holding down the fort. We’re doing a good job and the last couple years have been a little tricky for us and we’re real about it. Even if we didn’t want to be real about it it’s just so obvious, there’s no denying it. You could read the room and feel the tension and we’ve been going through it a little bit.”

She echoed this sentiment during an interview with Us Weekly saying, “Whoever said marriage is easy is a liar. Joe and I have a beautiful thing because we both always wanted the same things in life: a successful, healthy family and [we make] sure everyone around us is happy. Our kids are our life, and they are the reason we work so hard, try so hard and fight so hard for our marriage.”

The Gorgas Aren’t the Only RHONJ Couple Fighting Infidelity Rumors

Unfortunately for the RHONJ ladies, the cheating rumors don’t stop at the Gorgas. During the premiere, cast member Jackie Goldschneider hosted a birthday party for her husband Evan Goldschneider. While attending the party, Teresa Giudice began asking the other ladies if Evan Goldschneider has been faithful to his wife.
“Like, why do I hear rumors, like when he goes to the gym he screws around,” Giudice asks all the RHONJ cast members. One of Jackie Goldschneider’s other friends overhears Giudice’s accusations and tells her friend. Goldschneider calls Giudice to discuss the rumors and the two decide to meet. As RHONJ fans know, the meeting did not go well, and Giudice refused to admit that the rumor was a lie.

“Everyone’s marriage can look absolutely perfect on the outside, but guess what, things aren’t always what they seem, anyone can be a cheater, nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors,” various women chime in during the trailer.

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