Melissa Gorga Opens Up About ‘Hurt Feelings’ Concerning Teresa Giudice

The cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Heavy/NBCUniversal The cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa Gorga shared that she was feeling “hurt” over being excluded from Teresa Giudice’s wedding but she would be putting her feelings aside to enjoy her sister-in-law’s bachelorette trip to Ireland.

In a sneak peek for the April 11 episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” titled “The Italian Invasion,” Gorga is seen having a conversation with Jennifer Aydin about the wedding at Danielle Cabral’s pop-up event at Envy. Aydin, who shared in the April 4 episode of the show that she and Dolores Catania had been asked to be bridesmaids, asked Gorga if she was okay with them being in the wedding party.

“Yes, of course,” Gorga replied emphatically. Aydin asked her if she was still sure about declining Giudice’s invitation to be a bridesmaid and the Envy owner said, “Oh no, I definitely would never have said yes.” Aydin told Gorga that she can always change her mind moving forward but Gorga replied clearly that there was no chance of that happening.

“I don’t want to change my mind,” Gorga told Aydin in the preview. “She always blames everything on me, not the fact that she started this and she created the life we’re all living.” In a confessional, Aydin wondered why Gorga was so adamant about refusing Giudice’s attempts to reconcile. “Don’t you want this relationship to move forward?” she asked the camera. “You keep saying like ‘it’s so sad,’ so why do you break an olive branch that’s extended to you?”

Gorga, on the other hand, confessed in her interview that she was feeling “hurt” about being excluded from Giudice’s wedding but she didn’t want to ruin the trip. “At this point, I’m just trying to put [aside] any hurt feelings that I have about being excluded from the wedding, or that my kids aren’t in the wedding, or that Dolores and Jennifer are in the wedding and I’m not,” she shared. “I don’t want to go into this trip in this beautiful country with a chip on my shoulder.”

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The April 4 Episode of RHONJ Season 13 Saw Dolores Catania & Jennifer Aydin Announce That They Were Asked to Be Bridesmaids

The April 4 episode of RHONJ’s 13th season saw the women get together for a coffee grounds meeting, as Giudice stayed home due to her COVID diagnosis. Catania and Aydin, who made peace with each other, revealed to the group that Giudice invited them to be bridesmaids and shared that the RHONJ OG told them she had a vision of them as bridesmaids during a meditation session.

Gorga said it was odd given that Catania wasn’t at Giudice’s engagement then described the story of Giudice’s meditation vision as “so convenient.”

In addition to the conversation seen in the April 11 sneak peek, the 10th episode of season 13 will see the ladies head across the pond to Ireland for Giudice’s bachelorette party.

There Is a Lot of Drama Still to Come This Season of RHONJ, Including the Fight That Leads to Melissa Gorga Skipping the Wedding

There is a lot of drama yet to come in this season of RHONJ, especially between Gorga and Giudice. The women’s rift will only deepen and will culminate in Gorga deciding to completely skip Giudice’s wedding.

The news of the Gorgas deciding not to attend Giudice’s nuptials to Luis Ruelas was highly publicized last summer when it took place, and the mid-season trailer showed hints of that decision. “How can I celebrate someone else’s marriage when they are constantly trying to destroy mine?” she asked Catania in a phone call after her co-star told her that if she didn’t go to the wedding, her relationship with Giudice would be “over, over.”

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