RHOSLC Star Has Questions About Meredith Marks’ Living Situation

Meredith Marks

Bravo Meredith Marks.

Whitney Rose says she has no idea where Meredith Marks lives. In September 2023,  “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star opened up in an interview with Access Live’s “Housewives Nightcap” and shared that she is clueless regarding her co-star’s living situation, She also clarified that a joke she made about Marks’ bathtub routine was more about not knowing where her bathtub is located than anything else.

While speaking with Access in September 2023, Rose said, “The comment wasn’t really about the bathtub, but the fact that Meredith doesn’t live in Utah. She rents Airbnbs. That was the shade. And so, it’s funny that everyone was caught up about the bathtub because, you know, I don’t know where Meredith lives still to this day.”

“It stresses me out,” Rose continued. “Like, where does she put her cups and her forks and her knives? My house is only 6,000 square feet and I have a lot of stuff, and I’m like where does she keep her stuff? Because she has stuff. Like she has clothes, bags, shoes, and I’m like where does she keep all her stuff? That was what the fight was about.”

Rose added that it wasn’t so much that Marks’ RHOSLC bathtub scene with her husband Seth was creepy as much as “the fact I didn’t know where her bathtubs take place.”

Rose reiterated that she still has no idea where her longtime friend and co-star lives. “No, but it’s probably somewhere fabulous because Meredith is fabulous,” she said.

Meredith Marks Confronted Whitney Rose for Talking About Her Baths With Her Husband Seth

On the RHOSLC season 3 episode “Choir of Chaos,” Meredith and Seth Marks took a bubble bath together, and some fans called the scene “cringey.”

According to Entertainment Tonight, Rose called the whole thing “creepy” in an interview.

Fast forward to season 4, and  Marks said Rose was under her skin. “She’s in the press, and she says this whole thing about how Seth and I taking a bath is creepy and, like, filled with bacteria or DNA or whatever,” she ranted to co-star Heather Gay.

Marks eventually confronted Rose, telling her, “I thought we were in a neutral, peaceful zone and the next thing I’m seeing is that I’m like dirty and gross and creepy because I take baths.”

After Rose laughed and said her comment was just a “shady joke,” Marks clapped back with, “No, it was a dig on my marriage and a dig on my bathtub, like I have a dirty house.”

In a confessional, Rose explained, “I would never assume that Meredith has a dirty house. I don’t know where you’re living right now. I don’t know what vacation rental you’re staying in. … I’d assume she’d wrap everything in plastic so that she gets her deposit back at the end of the lease.”

Rose did admit she finds it “creepy” that the Marks and her husband “sit in a tub to clean.”

Meredith Marks Doesn’t Understand the Problem With Her Penchant for Luxury Rentals

Bathtubs aside, Marks has said she doesn’t get the big deal about her ever-changing rental residences. Fans have seen a few different rentals she’s lived in since the Bravo reality show premiered in 2020.

Marks spoke out in a 2022 episode of “Watch What Happens Live” to defend her lifestyle choice.

“In terms of affording a house, we are living a lifestyle that we are actually spending a lot more money than it would cost us to buy a house because it’s what my choice is, to figure out what we want to do right now,” she said on the Bravo late-night show. “We’re empty nesters for the first time.”

In September 2022, Marks shrugged off Rose’s commentary about her house rentals. “I don’t care. What’s wrong with that?” the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star told Today in an interview.  “So what? I rent luxury homes and live a beautiful life.”

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