Real Housewives Fans React to Couple’s ‘Cringe’ Bathtub Scene


Pixabay A Real Housewives scene turned fans off.

Fans of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” are reacting to a recent scene that came off as “cringe.”

On the November 9, 2022 episode of the Bravo reality show, titled “Choir of Chaos,”  Meredith Marks and her husband, Seth, were seen talking about drama between co-stars Jen Shah and Heather Gay, but their conversation took place in the bathroom—and in a bathtub.

Meredith is known for her love for a bubble-filled soak, but fans took issue with her husband joining in.

The RHOSLC Scene Sparked a Big Reaction From Viewers

In the RHOSLC season 3 scene, the Marks’ were filmed soaking in an oversized bathtub as they caught up. But things got awkward right away when Seth told his wife, “Catch me up. Catch me up without your toe in my butt.”

As Meredith started to say that their son, Brooks, would be coming to visit soon, Seth playfully interjected with, “Please do not put your foot near my taint when you’re talking about our children.”

“I’m just putting it under your butt so I don’t slip,” Meredith explained as the two laughed.

Seth later offered a suggestion for fixing the co-stars’ drama. “I honestly think me, you, Heather, Jen, and Coach [Sharrieff Shah] should get in this bath and just work all this s*** out,” he cracked.

On social media, fans reacted to the Marks’ bathtub scene with some calling it “cringe” and “creepy.” Others wanted to know how to “vote” to put an end to Housewives tub scenes.

“Did Bravo really need to include this scene w/ Meredith & Seth’s a**es in the tub?!” one viewer wrote on Twitter. “Meredith Marks really loves a soaking tub. But can we retire the tub scenes? Please?” another asked.

When one commenter wrote, “Nobody wants to see Meredith and Seth in a tub,” another replied, “I agree just gross.”

“I just can’t with this cringe af scene it’s too much,” added another viewer. “I hope I never have to hear Seth say taint again,” another agreed.

“So he wants fired from his job like Whitney husband…and by the way… yuk,” another chimed in.

Meredith Marks’ RHOSLC Co-Star said the Scene Wasn’t ‘Cringey Enough’

Whitney Rose Justin Rose

BravoWhitney Rose Justin Rose

This isn’t the first time RHOSLC has shown a cringe-worthy couples scene. In a season 2 episode, Whitney Rose surprised her husband, Justin, by appearing in red lingerie after vowing to keep things “exciting and interesting” in her marriage.

After the Bravo star poured champagne on her body for her husband to lick off, the two engaged in a racy body painting session while on camera. Not long after the scene aired on Bravo, Justin Rose posted a lengthy Facebook statement to reveal that he was fired from his corporate job.

On November 9, 2022, Whitney Rose was a guest on “Watch What Happens Live,” where host Andy Cohen did a poll about Meredith and Seth Marks’ bathtub scene. After Cohen asked “Hot or Not?,” the audience voted “not” with 86 percent of the votes.

When asked what he thought about the scene, WWHL guest Dustin Milligan told Cohen, “I cringed, I almost cried, it was incredibly uncomfortable.”

Cohen pointed out that Whitney Rose also made a “very memorable romantic scene” on the show, so he asked her how the Marks’ bathtub scene “landed” for her.

“I mean, they need to step up their game,” Rose told Cohen. “They weren’t cringey enough!”

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