Meredith Marks Comments on Lisa Barlow’s Expensive Mistake

Meredith Marks and Lisa Barlow

Getty Meredith Marks and Lisa Barlow

“The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Lisa Barlow made a costly error in the September 12 episode of the series, as she lost a $60,000 ring in the airport bathroom while en route to Palm Springs, California for the first girls’ trip of season four.

“Does anybody see a ring on the floor? … John is going to kill me,” Barlow can be heard saying in the background of an iPhone video that Heather Gay took, where Gay explained, “I’m hiding out in the bathroom because Lisa’s gone completely unhinged. She came out with her pants half down screaming about having lost one of her rings. This is not a great start to a girls’ trip.”

In a confessional, Barlow shared, “My ring, it is totally gone. I am pulling up my jeans and I feel my ring start to slip off my finger, and I felt like I caught it, but then I looked and I’m like ‘Oh my gosh, my ring is missing.'” Barlow says she stayed in the bathroom looking for her ring for 45 minutes before alerting airport security and moving on with the rest of her group.

Barlow’s co-star Meredith Marks live-tweeted along with the show, and in a September 12 tweet Marks related to her friend’s mistake, writing, “OMG this reminds me of when I lost my engagement ring in an airplane toilet… the worst feeling #RHOSLC”.

Whitney Rose Weighs in on Lisa Barlow’s Ring Fiasco

Despite Gay calling Barlow “unhinged” and friend of the Housewives Mary Cosby claiming, “I don’t think that ring was worth [$60,000],” Barlow’s co-star Whitney Rose came to her defense in the September 12 episode of “Watch What Happens Live”.

When host Andy Cohen asked Rose if she thought Barlow’s reaction to losing her ring was “too much or the correct response?” Rose responded, “I would be freaking out. It was justified,” but that she “loved [Cosby’s] shade” in calling out the cost of the ring.

Rose was not in the airport with Barlow when she lost the ring, as she had opted to arrive early to Trixie Motel, the destination of the cast trip. Rose met up with the motel’s owner and world-famous drag queen Trixie Mattel to get a lay of the land (and mark her territory, as Rose said in a confessional). Rose also went early to bring along her co-star Angie Katsanevas, whom the trip’s host Marks left off of the initial invite list.

Lisa Barlow Made Up With Meredith Marks

Besides losing her $60,000 ring, Barlow saw another big shift in the September 12 RHOSLC episode, as she was able to finally mend fences with Marks as the two longtime friends met up for a walk to have their first “one-on-one productive conversation” in two years, as Barlow confirmed in confessional.

The pair had been at odds ever since Barlow was caught ranting against Marks and her family in a “hot mic” moment during season two of the series, in part saying, “Meredith can go f*** herself, I’m done with her. I f***ing hate her! She’s a w****. She’s f***ed half of New York!”

During their walk, the two Housewives put their troubles behind them, caught up about their families and children, and agreed to work to rebuild mutual trust and friendship.

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