RHOSLC Star Monica Garcia Gets Real With Fans in New Photos

Monica Garcia

Bravo Monica Garcia.

Monica Garcia is already making her mark as a Real Housewives star.

On September 5, 2023, the same day that she made her debut as a cast member on “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,”  the Bravo newcomer shared unfiltered photos that teased how open and vulnerable she intends to be with fans.

Garcia, 38,  joins original RHOSLC cast members Meredith Marks, Lisa Barlow, Heather Gay, Whitney Rose, and Mary Cosby for the fourth season of the Bravo reality show, alongside promoted “friend of” Angie Katsanevas.

Here‘s what you need to know:

Monica Garcia Vowed to Be ‘Real’ With Fans

In a post shared on her Instagram page hours before her RHOSLC debut aired on Bravo, Garcia posed in a light blue bralette and matching underwear for a series of photos by photographer Elexis Bronson.

Some of the photos showed close-ups of Garcia’s legs and stomach after having children – and with no airbrushing or editing.

Garcia captioned the photos to reveal that she plans to be just as honest about everything in her life as a Housewives star. While she admitted that she is not “ready” or “prepared” for the fame that comes with being a Bravolebrity, she made a vow to fans.

“I can promise to be real, open, vulnerable, and expose myself completely to you guys,” Garcia wrote. “All my flaws. All my mistakes. All my imperfections. All the beauty. All the growth. All of my story. I am going to stand in them completely and own them all fully.”

While she added that she’s  “so excited” for viewers to “catch this realness,” she teased, “Y’all ain’t ready, hunni!!!!!!”

Garcia turned off the comments to the photos post, but she is already setting herself apart from other Real Housewives – and she didn’t hold back during the RHOSLC premiere.

Monica Garcia Claims She Knows ‘Secrets’ About the Other RHOSLC Stars

Monica Garcia

BravoMonica Garcia on “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.”

One episode in, and fans already know quite a bit about Garcia. In the RHOSLC trailer that dropped in August 2023, she revealed she was excommunicated from the Mormon Church after being married in the temple. Garcia also has four daughters she is raising solo, as she is getting divorced from her husband for the second time, per her bio on Bravo.com.

As for how she scored a role on RHOSLC, Garcia is friends with Katsaneves and was also formerly an assistant to Jen Shah, she revealed in the premiere. Shah is no longer on the show, as she is serving time in prison for her involvement in a telemarketing scam. On the RHOSLC premiere, Garcia revealed she was a government witness in Shah’s federal trial and testified against her.

Garcia has teased that after hanging out with Shah, she knows “dark secrets” about all the other cast members. “It is so crazy hearing them portray these perfect lives,” she said in a scene from the season 4 premiere.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight,  co-star Lisa Barlow said, “I don’t know what she’s referring to, but I’m like, there aren’t any deep, dark secrets.”

Barlow doubled down against Garcia’s claim during a September 5, 2023  appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” reiterating that she is sure the RHOSLC newcomer doesn’t know any secrets about her. “I don’t think Monica knows anything about me because Jen Shah didn’t know anything about me,” Barlow said on WWHL.

Barlow also said she trusts Garcia the least out of all of her co-stars on “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake Cty.”

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