‘Real Housewives of Nashville’ Rumors: Here’s Who Might Be Part of the Cast

Getty Images Jana Kramer.

The Real Housewives of Nashville? That’s one of the newest rumors floating around social media this week. While Bravo has not confirmed whether or not this is actually happening, there has been some speculation that a new cast has already formed in the Tennessee city.

Over the past couple of years, Nashville has become a hotspot for celebrity sightings, but it’s not just because the city is a cool place to hang out. Celebs from all walks of life — not just country music stars — have decided to call Nashville home.

Fans have pieced together information on social media, thanks in part to accounts like Bravo and Cocktails, and many have come to the conclusion that RHON is going to happen. If you’re already curious about a potential cast, it seems like that may already be settled. According to Country Now, rumors include Brittany Aldean, Jana Kramer, Jenna Perdue, Kasi Wicks, Alexis Allen, and Sabina Rich. While none of these women have confirmed or denied the rumors, all of them have teased filming something new in recent weeks.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jana Kramer Teased She Was Filming Something on April 9 & Fans Are Convinced it’s a new ‘Housewives’ Franchise

Rumors that The Real Housewives of Nashville was actually happening hit a fever pitch on Friday, April 9, when Jana Kramer posted the above on Instagram. Dressed in pink and sitting in a barstool type chair in her living room, Kramer was filming something, but didn’t reveal what, exactly.

“About today… any guesses?!” she captioned the photo set. Kramer, who competed on Dancing With the Stars, is no stranger to reality television. And, given that she is a housewife from Nashville, Tennessee, it seems like she’d be the perfect addition to a Real Housewives franchise in that city — if that’s what Bravo is planning to do.

Kramer is married to Mike Caussin, and the couple has two kids together. And she isn’t the only woman posting hints about filming a show, either.

At least one person on Reddit was quick to point out that most of the housewives film their confessionals in front of a green screen — and that Kramer’s son wouldn’t be sitting so low — if Kramer’s pics were from a Housewives-related shoot.

Fans have been quick to note that Brittany Aldean, who is married to country star Jason Aldean, has also been filming something, as evidenced on her Instagram Stories.

Of course, the possibilities for cast members of a potential new Housewives franchise in Nashville would be endless. Jessie James Decker, Ali Fedotowski-Manno, and Kristin Cavallari all call Nashville home these days.

Fans Seem Split on Whether or not ‘RHON’ Is a Good Idea

The cast of RHOBH

BravoThe cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

While nothing has been set in stone publicly yet, fans are already weighing in on whether or not Real Housewives of Nashville is a good idea. The main argument? The rumored women are fairly well-known already.

A Reddit thread dedicated to the new rumors shows people on both sides of the coin.

“They don’t need a show with celebrities or wives of celebrities. The best HWs are those who were unknown to audiences,” one Redditor wrote.

“I know that’s what people say on here, and I tend to agree with celebrities-but I think wives of celebrities are actually perfect for casting. Look at Camille,” added another.

“Brittany Aldean is the worst- but would probably make great reality tv and I hate to admit it,” added a third.

“I desperately want a Real Housewives of Nashville, but not with the women being celebs,” a fourth wrote.

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