Some RHOBH Fans Have a Theory About PK Kemsley & the Home Invasion

PK Kemsley and Dorit Kemsley.

Getty Images Some RHOBH think PK Kemsley had something to do with the robbery that took place at his home.

On the premiere episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 12, viewers were shown black-and-white security footage from the home invasion that happened at PK and Dorit Kemsley’s home in Encino.

The day after the robbery happened, Dorit went over to Kyle Richards’ house with some of the other RHOBH ladies. She explained what she went through in detail, saying that one of the men who entered her home had a gun to her back and told her that he would kill her. The men asked her where the pricey items were and she pleaded with them not to kill her and not to harm her children who had been asleep in another room.

A short while later, PK — who was in London at the time of the break in — landed in California and took a car to Richards’ home. He embraced his wife and the two had an emotional reunion.

After the episode aired, fans took to Reddit to discuss the home invasion and several pointed out things that didn’t seem to make sense or just weren’t consistent. Some have even come up with theories that the robbery was some kind of set up — and suggested that PK was behind it.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some RHOBH Fans Think That the Robbery Was Staged

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As many viewers were left heartbroken watching Dorit relive what seemed like one of the scariest moments of her life, some couldn’t help but voice their confusion by some of the events that took place. Others went so far as suggesting that the whole ordeal was a set up.

“I think PK paid some actors to fake the robbery and told them exactly where the cameras where so he can have lots of footage for Bravo. PK is fame hungry and a little shady. I think Bravo knew but don’t care because it’s great for ratings (and they need it!) I also think they need the Bravo cash more than they’d like people to think, and are still struggling/recovering financially after their recent issues,” one Redditor suggested, starting a new thread.

“I believe it was staged. Why? Because PK miraculously paid a $2.27 million debt to the Bellagio in Vegas. He had been working to pay off the $3.6 million debt for close to a decade. Stopped paying in 2018. Fake robbery, payout by insurance, and now all of a sudden of the debt is paid off in full. Interesting how that all lines up,” someone commented.

“For me the thing that makes me question it is the way he set her cell down gently and with the strobe on at the gate. Any robber that was screaming he was going to kill her would’ve just chucked it in a bush someplace. I get not taking it because it’s traceable but why take the time to turn on the strobe and place it carefully down? Just very weird. And 0 security? No alarm? No flood lights? I’ve got more security in my apartment complex,” another person said.

“My gut is screaming same,” a fourth person wrote.

The Reddit thread has well over 200 comments, and while there are plenty of people who believe Dorit’s story, there are plenty of people who wonder if there was something else going on.

Some People Thought the Robbery Was Staged When the Security Footage Was First Released

Long before the first episode of season 12 aired, there was some speculation surrounding the robbery.

After watching the security footage that was uploaded to YouTube, some people formed their own opinions about what happened.

“This is a very casual approach to armed robbery, isn’t it?” one Redditor commented.

“Yeah, I don’t buy it,” added another.

“This SCREAMS setup. And wouldn’t you know it – Dorit has a storyline for this season when her head was on the chopping block just weeks ago,” someone else suggested.


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Pamela Nekvinda
Pamela Nekvinda
1 month ago

That is the first thing I thought it was a set up robbery .Pk is shady to me & just don’t buy it .For Dorit to shut off the alarm, because she didn’t want the kids setting it off is a bunch of BS those kids are old enough to know if they sat them down & explained to them if they want something down stairs to come get them. How convenient for them to do that.

Audrey Stewart
Audrey Stewart
1 month ago

I’m not believing a word of this robbery!

Julie Jackson
Julie Jackson
1 month ago

Not a very good actress just another want to be star. No storyline, bathing suit line got sued, wedding dress line a busy. Broke ass husband anyone with a brain can see this was staged and she sucks at acting fir this too. Those kids were not even traumatized you know why? It never happened!!!! Kids don’t like

Pamela Nekvinda
Pamela Nekvinda
1 month ago
Reply to  Julie Jackson

But they never told the kids about it.

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