Ramona Singer Opens Up About Former Boyfriend’s Sudden Death

Ramona Singer

Getty Images Ramona Singer opened up about her ex-boyfriend's death.

Ramona Singer is a polarizing figure on “The Real Housewives of New York” and often catches a lot of heat — either from her RHONY co-stars or from fans — about things that she does and says.

Over the years, fans of the show have gotten to know Ramona, who was previously married to Mario Singer from 1992 through 2015. Since becoming single, Ramona has been known to get her flirt on, go out on dates, and be caught during steamy make-out sessions, mostly with Harry Dubin.

Ramona recently sat down with Jeff Lewis to talk all things Housewives and she opened up about her dating life — past and present. During their interview, Ramona talked about her flirting techniques and opened up about a guy she used to date who died suddenly a short while after they split, leaving her heartbroken.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ramona Opened Up About a Past Relationship for the First Time

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During their sit down on the SiriusXM radio show, Lewis talked to Ramona about her past relationships and said that he had asked her if she ever met someone (post-divorce) that she “really, really liked” and “felt a connection” with.

“I finally realized my marriage was over,” Ramona recalled of when she decided to part ways with Mario. She went on to say that she took a trip to Aspen with some friend after she and Mario ended things and she asked her friends if they knew anyone who would be a good match for her. Sure enough, one of her friends said she knew a “great guy.”

The guy ended up going to New York and the two went on a date.

“It was immediate connection,” Ramona said. “It was very special… and we started seeing each other.” At the time, Ramona and her ex were still figuring out their divorce settlement and Ramona decided that she would just buy the home that she and Mario lived in together. The guy she was dating actually co-signed the “$4 million mortgage” for her.

“I really fell in love with him. But then he said, ‘you know what? I really think, you know, you want to be in New York. I still have a young son who’s like 15. I still have to be in Colorado for a while. And I don’t want to take you away from the city. I can’t do that to you. I care about you too much,” she recalled.

The two broke things off, though they were still talking. A few months later, he called Ramona and told her that he wanted to be with her. Once she arrived, however, things went down hill.

Ramona & the Guy Broke Things off & He Died 8 Months Later

When Ramona arrived in Colorado, the guy she was talking to told her that he couldn’t be with her because the other woman he had been seeing needed him. He asked Ramona for more time, but she chose to walk away.

“And then he died, like, eight months later in a tragic accident,” Ramona said. She told Lewis that she believes that the two would have ended up getting back together if he hadn’t died.

He was on a fishing trip and “something happened to his heart” while he was in the water. “And he just drowned,” Ramona recalled.

She called his death “beyond sad” and said he was “the most beloved man.”

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