Fans Can’t Get Over Ramona Singer’s Eyebrows in new Video

Ramona Singer

Getty Images Fans are talking about Ramona Singer's eyebrows.

Ramona Singer is wowing fans with her latest cooking video. The “Real Housewives of New York” star had someone film her while she prepared cedar-planked salmon in the kitchen or her New York City home.

“Back to the city & back in my kitchen! Tonight I am making Cedar Planked Salmon with Miso Glaze. Try this out at home at let me know what you think! You will not be disappointed,” she captioned the video.

Singer was dolled up in a cream dress with a long necklace and a pair of white pumps as she gave viewers step-by-step instructions on how she makes this particular dish. While many Instagram users expressed joy in watching Singer cook, a different conversation took place on Reddit. Many Redditors commented on Singer’s looks, several making note of her eyebrows which looked different than they normally do.

Here’s what you need to know:

RHONY Fans Criticized Singer’s Eyebrows & Her Overall Look

Several Reddit users were less impressed by Singer’s cooking skills and more surprised to see that her eyebrows were done differently. Many of the 200+ comments on the thread were about Singer’s appearance.

“Ramona went from Crazy Eyes to Crazy Eyebrows,” a Redditor user commented on a thread about the video.

“The eyebrows are popping,” someone else wrote.

“V shaped forehead botox makes eyebrows get yanked up in a weird way,” another Redditor suggested.

“…the new eyebrows look like maybe from another facelift?! Wth! I thought she looked great before, these pointy eyebrows are just… no,” a fourth person said.

“I hate the brows. No Ramona! So many women are doing this look. Just NO,” a fifth comment read.

Singer Appeared in a Wedding Video in Which Her Eyebrows Looked Normal

Although RHONY isn’t currently filmed and Singer’s future on the Housewives franchise is unclear, she’s been making appearances on social media and has been the topic of conversation on plenty of Reddit threads.

On May 22, 2022, celebrity stylist Justin Anderson shared a video of Singer as a wedding in New York that has since gone viral. In the video, Singer was talking to the sister of the bride, Crystal, whom she evidently formed an emotional bond with.

Crystal explains that she just met the reality star and seems to want to let people know that Singer is a good person.

“She’s the realest person that you’ll ever meet. And the sweetest, most kind person. Gentle. TV… I don’t know why it comes off like that, but, she’s just an amazing woman and I hope I can be half the mother…” Crystal says, getting very emotional. “Half the mother that you are,” Crystal continued.

Anderson got a kick out of the video, hence why he posted it to his feed.

“Why is the video so painfully amazing?!! the soft gentle kisses at the end really got me. ‘you will be. you will be’… the look of fear in her hostages eyes. i needed to post this on my grid so i can always revisit it thank you,” his caption read, in part.

There wasn’t any mention of Singer’s eyebrows in the comments section.

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