Fans Are ‘Crazy’ Over RHOBH Reunion Trailer

Kyle Richards

Bravo Kyle Richards on the RHOBH reunion.

Fans are in a frenzy over the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion trailer.

Andy Cohen promised the RHOBH reunion trailer would be released on Thursday and that’s what happened but not without a bit of fan panic before.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Were Frantically Searching for the Reunion Trailer: ‘I’ve Been Neglecting My Responsibilities Today Waiting for the RHOBH Reunion Trailer’

The two and a half minute trailer opens with a time stamp revealing the end of the taping, just before 10 p.m.

The trailer’s first Housewife is Kyle Richards crying and asking to be excused from the ending toast. It then cuts back time stamp by timestamp with the women arguing, mostly about Kathy Hilton and Lisa Rinna.

Hilton accused Rinna of “driving Lisa Vanderpump off the show.” Andy Cohen told Rinna her social media was messy and she fires back, “put me on pause” which is code for fire me. They talked about the internet targeting of Jax and the earrings.

But it wasn’t all drama. There are clips of the women seeing the set for the first time, Jayne telling Dorit Kemsley that her husband asked her if she did porn, the infamous cat sweater, and much more.

The trailer dropped at mid-day on Thursday, but the fans were flustered all morning waiting for it.

“So where’s that RHOBH reunion trailer?” someone tweeted.

“Am I the only one checking every 15 minutes my phone to see if the RHOBH season 12 reunion trailer is out! Come on Bravo put it out already!!” a fan begged.

“The fact that we are still waiting on this reunion trailer….Bravo should be ashamed #RHOBH,” someone said. 

“The #RHOBH reunion trailer still isn’t out?” a fan asked.

“@Andy I’ve been neglecting my Responsibilities today waiting for the rhobh reunion trailer…,” someone tweeted along with the timer emoji.

A fan tweeted, “Whats going on at Bravo? Why is everything they do so messy and lowbudget lately? Like they always release the reunion trailers at the end of the season but not for #RHOBH all of a sudden? Weird moves!!!!”

“the fact that the #RHOBH reunion trailer hasn’t dropped yet is CRAZY. kathy’s lawyers must have them in a tizzy,” someone wrote.

“Are Kathy’s lawyers all over the reunion footage, like where is this trailer already #RHOBH,” another fan asked.

“why is @BravoTV holding the #RHOBH reunion trailer hostage? it’s ain’t ever this serious,” someone asked.”

“Ok @Andy you said we were getting the #RHOBH reunion trailer and it’s still not here,” a fan pointed out.

Prior to the release of the trailer, Garcelle Beauvais gave fans a sneak peek into what happened.

“I can tell you that it was definitely intense,” Beauvais told Access Hollywood’s Housewives Nightcap in late September. “There were a lot of uncomfortable moments. She also revealed that “at the end, we didn’t even take a group photo. We didn’t say goodbye to one another,” which is not normal following reunions in the past.

Diana Jenkins Will Appear Virtually at the RHOBH Reunion: ‘She Doesn’t Want to Get Anyone Else Sick’

The RHOBH reunion will be missing a key cast member as Diana Jenkins will be missing from the couches due to an illness. Page Six reported that Jenkins tested positive for COVID-19 and will be at the reunion virtually.

“She’s quite disappointed not to be able to do her first-ever reunion in person, and she would have loved to have been there — and be healthy — with the rest of the ladies,” an insider told the outlet. “But, of course, she doesn’t want to get anyone else sick.”

When the news broke, fans were not exactly surprised that Jenkins was missing.

“So first Diana doesn’t bother appearing on #WWHL and now this. Let her truly be a one-season housewife. #RHOBH,” someone tweeted. 

“Hopefully it’s Diana. We need the couch space,” someone tweeted.

“Diana’s holding a fundraiser for erickas diamond earrings,” a fan joked.

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