RHOC Star Shannon Beador Weighs in on Alexis Bellino & John Janssen’s Romance

Shannon Beador.

NBCUniversal Shannon Beador.

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Shannon Beador is weighing in on reports that former RHOC personality Alexis Bellino has gone on dates with her ex-boyfriend, John Janssen.

While speaking to E! News on December 6, Beador stated that she found the situation hurtful. She also suggested she no longer believes Janssen’s previous assertion that he did not enjoy being in the limelight after being featured on RHOC. In addition, she questioned if Janssen’s “dating pool” only consists of RHOC personalities.

“I’m not going to lie. I’ve been hurt. I’ve been hurt a lot in the last couple of weeks because, No. 1, John said that he didn’t want to be in the public eye. And he’s thrust himself more into the public eye at this point. So, I’m quite confused about that,” said Beador.

She also noted that she was in a legal battle with Alexis Bellino’s ex-husband, Jim Bellino after he stated she had tried to defame him.

“John is very well aware of a lawsuit that I was involved in with Jim Bellino, and Alexis was involved in that lawsuit. I was financially and emotionally devastated for years. And I won. But it devastated me financially. And I’m a single mom. John’s aware of that,” said Beador.

In addition, the Real for Real founder stated that she does not have a relationship with Alexis Bellino, who exited RHOC before she began starring on the Bravo series in season 9.

“I don’t know her. She said that I screamed obscenities at her across the bar on my unfortunate night, which I didn’t. And I have witnesses to prove that. If you’re going to say things about me, let’s talk about the truth,” said Beador.

Vicki Gunvalson Criticized Alexis Bellino & John Janssen

Beador’s friend and RHOC co-star Vicki Gunvalson shared she was unhappy about the situation involving Bellino and Janssen in a December 2023 interview with Celebuzz. She theorized that Bellino wanted to return to RHOC.

“For me to see that Alexis — someone I actually had some respect for — would go so low as to date Shannon’s ex? It’s gross. It’s low and it’s not being a girl’s girl,” said Gunvalson. “It also reeks of desperation to return to the show as she probably is hoping this will stir the pot and secure her spot.”

Gunvalson also asked why Janssen has been spending time with Bellino.

“It makes one question why John would want to date another Housewife. Is he also fame hungry and wanting to remain on TV? We all know the answer!” said Gunvalson. “Either way, it’s truly hard to see the public photos all over the internet. If he has any ounce of class, he should quietly date her and stop with all the public humiliation.”

Alexis Bellino Addressed Vicki Gunvalson’s Comments

According to Reality Blurb, Bellino addressed Gunvalson’s Celebuzz interview on Instagram. In an Instagram Story, Bellino stated that she was upset by her former castmate’s words, writing, “Very disappointing to see this from someone I considered a friend.” She also stated she believed Gunvalson was paid to comment on the matter.

“I know things can’t be so bad at [Gunvalson’s company] Coto Insurance that you resort to grab quick cash from a click bait article trashing me. Sad that you seem to forget there are two sides to every story and unfortunately 100% of your assumptions are totally false,” stated Bellino.

Gunvalson commented on Bellino’s December 7 Instagram Story on X.

“Coto insurance- which has been in business for 34 years- is thriving. My feelings on a certain situation involving someone I think is being shady have NOTHING to do with that. At least I HAVE a business & don’t have to depend on a man. 😉 #HappyHolidays #ImAGoodFriend,” wrote Gunvalson.

Alexis Bellino Spoke Positively About Vicki Gunvalson

Bellino shared she had an appreciation for Gunvalson in a December 5 interview with Access Hollywood. She noted that she handed her the Wifetime achievement award at BravoCon 2023, held the weekend of November 3. Bellino also referenced that Gunvalson has not been a full-time cast member on RHOC since its 13th season.

“She really is an icon. And I never wanted her off the screen,” said Bellino.

Bellino also stated that she is not friends with Beador.

“I’ve never met Shannon, I’ve never said ‘Hi’ to Shannon. I’ve never filmed with Shannon, I’ve never been her friend, I don’t owe her anything. But I do not wish her ill. So I just want everyone to know that there’s no ‘girl code’ going on here. Because I’ve never spoken to her at all,” said the mother of three.

In addition, the 46-year-old addressed rumors that she will be returning to RHOC.

“I’ll never say never but I’m so content in my life,” said Bellino.

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