Tamra Judge Names Co-Star Who She Thinks ‘Has the Biggest Problem With the Truth’

Tamra Judge.

Getty Tamra Judge.

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge acknowledged her ongoing issues with her castmate, Jennifer Pedranti, who joined the Bravo franchise for season 17, in a July 2023 interview with Access Hollywood’s “Housewives Nightcap,” hosted by Lauren Herbert. During the interview, Herbert asked Judge who she believed was “the biggest liar” on RHOC season 17, which premiered on June 7. Judge replied that she thinks Pedranti is not always truthful.

“Who has the biggest problem with the truth? I think Jennifer,” said Judge.

Tamra Judge Discussed Throwing a Napkin at Jennifer Pedranti

While speaking to Access Hollywood’s “Housewives Nightcap,” Judge noted that she threw a napkin at Pedranti at the Malibu restaurant Nobu after Pedranti suggested Judge was attracted to her boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian, during an argument about their relationship in RHOC season 17, episode 7. As fans are aware, Judge stated Boyajian expressed sexual interest in her before he began dating Pedranti.

Judge stated she tossed the napkin because Pedranti was “getting a little messy.”

“I just need to clean her up a little bit. Just a little messy with her stories,” added the RHOC star.

The 55-year-old also stated that she enjoys confronting liars on her cast.

“I’m just a truth-teller and I feel like when you are on a reality TV show — of course, I love the liars because they are fun to call out, but when you are on a reality show that you should be honest about what’s going on in your life and all those things, and so when somebody is lying to me, it starts festering in me, and I talk to myself, I have a little conversation, ‘I’ll just keep it together,’ and then before you know it there’s a napkin in your face,” said Judge.

Jennifer Pedranti & Ryan Boyajian Spoke About Tamra Judge’s Claims on ‘Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen’

During a July 19 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” Pedranti and Boyajian addressed Judge’s remarks about their relationship. Boyajian stated that he “absolutely did not” say he was sexually interested in Judge.

Pedranti also stated that she does not understand why Judge has brought up Boyajian’s past behavior on RHOC season 17.

“Tamra’s talking s*** about Ryan’s past, and Ryan had fun in his single days, but my question was always why are we talking about this now?” said the yoga instructor.

The couple also mentioned that Judge stated Boyajian had sent an explicit picture to their mutual friend, Heather Amin. Pedranti stated that he had meant to send the picture to her but accidentally messaged it to his four Snapchat contacts, including Amin.

“Ryan sent a d*** pic to me through Snapchat, hit select all which was four people,” said Pedranti.

Tamra Judge Discussed Ryan Boyajian’s Explicit Picture in a July 2023 Interview

While speaking to E! News in July 2023, Judge stated that she did not believe Boyajian’s account of sending the explicit picture.

“First [Pedranti] said ‘Oh he sent it on accident,’ and then the story changed again, he said himself, he sent it to everyone on Snapchat, well that is not an option on Snapchat, you can’t just press all,” said Judge. “You have to go through and press people unless you have them in a group, and I don’t think he would have his kids — because he said his kids got it, haha it was funny, no not funny, my kids would die.”

In the E! News interview, Judge also noted that she has concerns about Boyajian’s relationship with Pedranti. She referenced that she believes Boyajian cheated on Pedranti. Pedranti asserted that Boyajian had a sexual relationship someone else when they were “on a break.” Pedranti noted, however, that Boyajian has not remained faithful in his past relationships.

“I would like to think once a cheater, not always a cheater, like you can change, maybe it takes a certain person in your life to change you, so I am really hoping that is the situation, but [my husband] Eddie [Judge] said ‘Eh, a serial cheater is a serial cheater,'” said Judge.

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