Fans Say Teddi Mellencamp’s Face Looks Totally Different in This Pic

Getty Images Teddi Mellencamp is looking a lot like Kyle Richards.

Teddi Mellencamp’s new look isn’t going over well with some “Real Housewives” fans, many of whom have slammed her for overdoing it on the fillers — and the filters.

It seemed to start with Teddi going from her signature blond hair to a darker shade back in early November. “Went to the dark side,” she captioned an Instagram photo of her new look. And while many fans seemed to like the change, others slammed the star for changing her face. Some mentioned filler, such as Botox, and others complained that Teddi used a filter (or two) on the picture itself, giving her a completely different, unexpected look.

From there, Teddi has been accused of changing herself to look too much like her BFF Kyle Richards.

“The Kyle transformation almost complete. All she needs to do now is exploit a sibling, act innocent after throwing people under the [bus] and have fake anxiety,” one Redditor wrote on a thread about Mellencamp’s new look.

“Slowly morphing into Kyle,” added another. And the comments haven’t stopped. Now, Mellencamp is being slammed again, this time, some fans think that her face looks completely different. It’s unknown if Teddi is using filters on social media or if she’s been getting facial injections of any kind, but fans have been commenting on a very noticeable change.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Are Noticing a Change in Teddi’s Face

Teddi took to her Instagram Stories to share a new photo of herself in which her face looked different to many fans. It seems as though Teddi may have used a filter on the pic, which made her face look almost airbrushed, with not one blemish to be seen.

A Reddit thread about the photo was started, and fans were not kind to Teddi. In fact, one person even commented on celebs having “face transplants” referring to Teddi’s makeover.

“Teddi has clearly just discovered facetune and she is not using it responsibly,” one Redditor commented on the thread.

“It’s so eternally sad how much these women need to be pretty,” added another.

“I can’t believe it’s Teddi. She’s totally unrecognizable and her face is f****** alien-esque,” wrote a third.

“That is not her face,” a fourth comment read.

Teddi Was Compared to Kyle Once Again

Maybe it’s the dark hair, or maybe it’s the makeup, but some fans simply can’t get over how much Teddi looks like Kyle in this new pic.

“Listen it’s all fun and games until Teddi look so much like Kyle that a high as hell Mauricio will not notice the difference at all,” pop culture commentator Ryan Bailey captioned a screenshot of Teddi’s post. Several fans agreed with his take.

“Omg I thought this was Kyle but Facetuned. Wow,” one Instagram user commented.

“Omg I totally thought this was Kyle! I know that’s the point of this post, but holy crap,” added another.

“Omg I really did think that was Kyle lol,” a third person wrote.

“So freakin embarrassing. Trying to be relevant by morphing into Kyle,” a fourth comment read.

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