RHONJ Stars Sound Off on ‘Most Uncomfortable Moment’ in Show’s History

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

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During “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” After Show, the RHONJ cast discussed a moment in the April 18 episode that one cast member called, “one of the most uncomfortable moments” on the show.

The episode showed that tensions between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga rose even higher during the cast’s trip to Ireland when Giudice brought up that her niece Antonia Gorga didn’t attend her daughter Melania Giudice’s sweet 16 birthday party. “Are you gonna blame Antonia for something right now?” Gorga called out to Giudice. “Don’t even say her name if you’re going to say something negative.”

Giudice pointed out that her daughter was really hurt that Antonia Gorga didn’t go, especially as Melania Giudice had already attended her cousin’s 16th birthday party. However, Melissa Gorga shared that her daughter was at a cheer competition out of the state and wasn’t able to skip it.

After the episode aired, cast member Jackie Goldschneider stated on the After Show that it was “one of the most uncomfortable moments I’ve had in Housewives history,” as the rest of the cast also sounded off on the exchange.

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Melissa Gorga Said Teresa Giudice’s Tone Was Not Good When She Brought Up Her Daughter While Giudice Stood By Her Comments

During the After Show, Giudice explained that she’d just been pointing out that her daughter was “really hurt” that her cousin didn’t come to her party. “Why are you so bothered by it? It’s the truth. Does the truth hurt?” she questioned. The OG star said if it had been another one of her daughters’ sweet 16, she would have understood Antonia Gorga missing it, but said her niece and Melania are “super close… I was shocked.”

As for Melissa Gorga, she said Giudice didn’t have “the right tone” during the conversation. Many of the other cast members also sounded off on the exchange, with Giudice’s good friend Jennifer Aydin saying she remembered when it happened, and that Giudice had told her she was “disappointed” by her niece not showing up.

Newcomer Danielle Cabral said the two women “duked it out on behalf of their own kids” but added that “it sucks when the kids are involved like that.” Dolores Catania, who was sitting with Giudice for the After Show, said, “I just get very nervous when kids are brought up… I don’t wanna talk about kids, the kids didn’t sign up for this.”

Giudice replied to Catania that in that case, Gorga should be annoyed with her friend Rachel Fuda, who asked the question that set off the entire argument. Giudice said Fuda did it on purpose to cause drama because she could have easily asked Gorga if her kids are close with Giudice’s kids, but instead asked Giudice in front of the entire cast.

The Cast Is Currently on a Trip to Ireland for Teresa Giudice’s Bachelorette Party

After the encounter in the episode, which occurred on the cast trip to Ireland for Giudice’s bachelorette party, Gorga called her husband Joe Gorga to fill him in on what went down.

Gorga told her husband that Giudice bringing up her kids had crossed the line and said, “That’s where I draw the f****** line. I’m not playing the game, I’m not pulling in the next generation.” Gorga also said that it was an “all-time low” for her sister-in-law.

Joe Gorga agreed with his wife and said his sister was a “hypocrite.” He also wondered during the call if Giudice’s goal was to push them enough so that they decide not to go to her wedding, which would make them look bad. Viewers will continue to see the rift grow between the family members, and as is well-known by now, the Gorgas did eventually decide to skip the wedding.

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