Is Luis Ruelas Getting Fed Up With Teresa Giudice’s ‘Outbursts’?

Getty Images Teresa Giudice doesn't always keep her cool.

Teresa Giudice is engaged to Luis Ruelas, and the two seem to be really in love, but, as “Real Housewives of New Jersey” fans know, Teresa can lose her temper, and she has been known to flip a table when she gets angry.

As Teresa and Luis get to know each other better, and things really start to develop between the two, they will undoubtedly see the good — and the not so good. And, given the fact that Luis will probably be making appearances on upcoming seasons, one can assume that he’s probably already been through some tough times with Teresa as she navigates her relationships on the show.

Thus far, there haven’t been any rumors about any kind of trouble in paradise, so to speak, but, with his wife-to-be on a reality television show, one might be wondering if Luis is getting tired of the drama.

Here’s what you need to know:

Melissa Gorga Weighed in on How Luis Handles Teresa’s ‘Outbursts’

As it turns out, Teresa’s sister-in-law actually had nothing but positive things to say about how Luis is dealing with Teresa when she’s having a tough time. It sounds like Luis is a really calming entity in Teresa’s life, and, while he might be a great sounding board for her, he does a great job of talking things out with her and bringing her back down when she’s wound up.

“I definitely think he tries to talk more sense into her,” Melissa told Page Six. “So, when she’s losing it — and you’ll actually see this on the upcoming season — when she’s starting to go there to the other side, he kind of brings her back and he’s like, ‘Whoa, these ladies are right. You need to listen to them,'” she added.

“I’m like, ‘Where have you been all our lives?'” Gorga said. The reality star added that she and Luis “get along really, really well.”

Teresa & Luis Won’t Be Having a Television Wedding

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Although Teresa’s life seems to revolve around her career in reality television in many ways, the “RHONJ” star isn’t planning on a television wedding. So, if there’s any wedding drama, you won’t get to see it.

In an interview with Billy Bush on Extra, Teresa revealed that she and Luis are planning a destination wedding — though they haven’t set a date just yet. The one thing that does seem set in stone? There won’t be Bravo cameras on hand.

“Maybe a wedding special on Bravo?” Bush asked. “No,” Giudice responded. “I want it to be private… definitely not filmed. You know, I’ve seen weddings happen on the show, and I don’t want to make it about that. You know, any drama or anything. It’s about Luis and I. You know, and our kids,” Giudice explained.

And, as for the guest list, Teresa recently told Metro UK that she won’t be inviting all of her “RHONJ” co-stars to her wedding. That makes sense, of course, since she isn’t great friends with every one of her co-stars — and there won’t be a wedding special.

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