Real Housewife Says She May Quit After This Season

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Real Housewives ladies come and go, and some stay longer than others. The Real Housewives of Dallas shook up their cast this year with the addition of Dr. Tiffany Moon. Moon is a 36-year-old anesthesiologist and mother of two, and she hasn’t been shy to speak her mind.

During her debut season, Moon made a splash with the RHOD ladies. The successful surgeon has already had disagreements with Kameron Westcott, Kary Brittingham, and Brandi Redmond. When asked if she would return for a second season of the Bravo franchise, Moon seemed hesitant to commit.

“I don’t know,” Moon shared with StyleCaster on January 26. “I might be a little bit of a one-hit wonder. It was a lot in terms of the time away from my family because normally I work and when I’m not working, I’m with my family. But this time, I was at work, and when I wasn’t working, I was working, so I didn’t see my family for much over the summer. Ask me again in 12 or 13 weeks when it all finishes. I’m not sure I’m the sort of Housewife that people want to continue seeing. I have no idea.”

Moon’s Issues With Westcott Have Escalated Since Filming

Tensions between Westcott and Moon arose when Moon hosted a traditional Chinese Dim Sum for the ladies. During the brunch, Moon encouraged her cast members to enjoy a chicken foot, a traditional Chinese dish. Most of the ladies gave it a try, but Westcott refused to do so, saying it made her uncomfortable.

While both ladies addressed the situation, the drama never went away. Throughout the newest season, the housewives have continued to disagree, but things have now taken a turn. In a since deleted tweet, Moon called out Westcott for blocking her on social media.

Moon tweeted a screenshot of Westcott’s Twitter profile, as seen above, and it read, “@KamWestcott blocked you. You are blocked from following @KamWestcott and viewing @KamWestcott’s Tweets.” Moon captioned the tweet, posted on Sunday, February 7, “Tune in this Tuesday to watch me not make an A at party throwing. I would call the self-proclaimed Queen of Etiquette for help, but she blocked me on all social media.” She ended the tweet with a clown and confused emoji.

Moon Revealed Where Her Friendships With Westcott & Other Cast Members Stand

Westcott and Moon may not be on the best terms, but Moon shared which RHOD ladies she still keeps in touch with and which members she has been staying socially distant from.

“The only person I have not spoken to is Kary,” Moon told StyleCaster. “I have spoken to everyone else. Brandi is doing well. She is very pregnant and is gonna pop any day now hopefully. Stephanie was just over here the other day. She tried bubble tea for the first time and really liked it. D’Andra, I dropped off Chinese food and pajamas for her when she was in the COVID unit prior to New Years. We probably talk on the phone every other day.”

Prior to Moon and Westcott’s social media feud, the mother of two shared that she and Westcott were on good terms. “Kam, yesterday was her birthday, so I bought her some Hermes scarves and a beautiful floral arrangement,” she told StyleCaster. “I called my florist and I said, ‘I need it to be luxurious, big and pink.’ And they made that happen. I signed the card from all of us, the other six ladies, and went and dropped that off at her new home.

But Moon hinted that she and Brittingham don’t have the strongest friendship. “I’ve seen everybody except Kary,” she said. “I’ve not texted her, seen her, called her, anything. Even though she did not contribute to the group gift, I still put her name on the card. So there.”

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