Former Real Housewife Disses Braunwyn Windham-Burke as ‘Brown Wind’

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 14

Bravo THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY -- Season:14 -- Pictured: (l-r) Emily Simpson, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Kelly Dodd, Shannon Storms Beador, Tamra Judge, Gina Kirschenheiter

The ladies of the Real Housewives franchise are no strangers to both dishing it and taking it. Former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Vicki Gunvalson is sharing her thoughts on the latest RHOC drama. Current RHOC cast member Braunwyn Windham-Burke made headlines in December when she announced she identifies as a lesbian and has a girlfriend.

A few weeks later, Windham-Burke told fans that she would be, “heartbroken” if her husband, Sean Burke, began dating someone else and falling in love. RHOC newcomer Elizabeth Lyn Vargas posted a screenshot of a story capturing Windham-Burke’s statement, and Vargas expressed her disdain about the situation.

“OK.. I’m sorry but this is just getting to be wayyyy to much,” Vargas wrote in the caption of her Instagram post, slamming Burke. “Didn’t she just announce she’s NEVER been attracted to him EVER & she’s ‘SLEEPING WITH WOMEN’! Acceptable behavior because she calls it a ‘modern marriage’ or extremely narcissistic & hypocritical…Thoughts?”

Gunvalson chimed in when the Instagram account Reality Blurb posted a photo of Vargas and Windham-Burke. The account detailed the feud, and Gunvalson shared her opinion. Gunvalson commented under the photo, “Someone once told me…..Fame is like a drug… they are both bad. Brown wind has gone way too far. Middle America doesn’t relate to her chaos. For that matter, who does? I agree with you Elizabeth.”

RHOC Cast Members Also Took a Side

Vargas and Gunvalson weren’t the only present and past RHOC cast members to chime in. Current RHOC cast member Emily Simpson commented on Vargas’ photo, “He should vote himself off the island at this point.”

When a fan responded to Simpson’s comment writing, “Poor Sean, I feel bad for him,” Simpson hit right back again, writing, “Yeah he might want to Google Stockholm Syndrome.” Another fan replied to Simpson’s comment, “Someone’s gonna have to kidnap this poor man,” and Simpson jokingly responded, “you just gave her a new storyline idea.”

Fellow RHOC star Kelly Dodd also chimed in on the post, writing, “I want to comment so bad. Haha.” Former RHOC cast member Gretchen Rossi even commented, “Completely.”

Gunvalson Has Slammed Windham-Burke in the Past

Windham-Burke told fans that she identifies as a lesbian in an interview with GLAAD on December 2. Later that day, she introduced fans to her girlfriend Kris. Windham-Burke posted a selfie of the two of them with a heart and a rainbow flag on her Instagram Story.

A few weeks later, Windham-Burke and Kris were spotted on a beach holding hands and showing off some PDA. A Real Housewives Instagram fan account, @bravohousewives, re-posted a paparazzi photo of Windham-Burke and her new girlfriend walking on the beach with the caption, “Braunwyn spotted with her girlfriend, Kris!”

Gunvalson made her way to the comment section, writing, “Go home and be with your 7 kids!” Many fans blasted Gunvalson for her comment. One user replied to Gunvalson, “Leave her alone u tired, washed up crazy lady. She is living her truth while u just judge and bring down the other ladies.” Another wrote, “Mind your own business leave people alone go live your miserable life.”

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