‘Real Housewives’ Star Completes ‘Detox’ in Aftermath of Tragic Loss

RHOBH cast.

Getty Images A "Real Housewives" star opened up about her struggle with depression.

A “Real Housewives” star is opening up about her nine-month social media hiatus.

On July 31, 2022, Yolanda Hadid, who previously starred on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” shared her first post on Instagram since October 2021. The former reality star explained that she took some time away to work on herself.

Hadid explained that she fell into a depression after her mom died in 2019 and things sort of spiraled from there. She took time off of social media in an effort to help “reevaluate” her life.

“After the loss of my mother i really struggled with depression followed by a lyme relapse….
the emotional stress and grief strongly effected my immune system. My phone addiction didn’t help either, it started to take so much time away from being present in my life. Its so easy to get lost in other peoples stories while forgetting to live and love your own. Texting is so much easier then picking up the phone and calling someone. we are all guilty of it,” she captioned her post, in part.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hadid’s Mother Died of Cancer

In August 2019, Hadid’s mother Ans van den Herik died of cancer at the age of 78.

“RIP my guardian angel Mama. Thank you for loving me the way the way that you did and for making me the woman that I am today,” Hadid captioned an Instagram post at the time.

“On angel wings you were taken away, but in my heart you will always stay….. I can not imagine this life without you but I pray that I will hear you whisper in the tallest trees and feel your love in the gentle breeze… When I miss you the most, our beautiful memories will hold you close… Our Love is eternal and you will always be with me and I will always be with you beyond the bounds of this realm,” her caption continued.

Hadid shared that her mother’s death sort of kicked off her depression and things had gotten progressively worse for her from there.

Hadid Has Lyme Disease & Has Been on a ‘Health Journey’

In February 2021, Hadid opened up about her struggle with Lyme Disease in an interview with Vogue.

“I used to be a multitasking, single mother-of-three and social butterfly who, slowly, started to lose her magical powers. My symptoms included severe fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, difficulty with word retrieval, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, joint pain, muscle weakness, intolerance to bright light, flu-like symptoms, swollen lymph nodes, and slight Bell’s palsy in my face — all of which left me feeling depressed,” she told the outlet.

“My body sent me early warning signs, but my type-A personality didn’t leave me much room to be vulnerable with myself. I fought tooth and nail to keep things together in front of my family and friends, but as things got progressively worse, there was no hiding from the truth anymore. I was eventually diagnosed by a doctor in Belgium,” she added.

Hadid does seem to be in a better place now, however.

“Anyway this has been a wonderful reset, time to break the habit of picking up my phone 50 times a day. Learning to focus on myself, my health journey and being present in this moment of my life,” her update on July 31, 2022, read.

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