Why Teri Hatcher Was Unhappy With Her Episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

Teri Hatcher

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The list of prominent Hollywood personalities who appeared on “Star Trek” for just one episode is quite long. Most fans know that Ashley Judd and Mick Fleetwood appeared on “The Next Generation.” Many saw the episode of “Deep Space Nine,” where rock star Iggy Pop played a Vorta. Some fans can say they watched the episode where Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wrestled Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) on “Voyager.”

Most recently, fans who watched “Star Trek Beyond” heard billionaire Jeff Bezos utter a line (in complete alien makeup). This news is now more prescient as he and William Shatner will go to space shortly aboard a Blue Origin rocket

The credits from ‘Star Trek Beyond.’ If you look closely, you can see Jeff Bezo’s credit.

ParamountThe credits from ‘Star Trek Beyond.’ If you look closely, you can see Jeff Bezos’ credit.

All of those actors, actresses, and billionaires got an on-screen credit for their role, meaning that if you wait until the end of “Star Trek Beyond,” you’ll see Bezos’ name in the credits as the “Starfleet Official.” But when the famous actress Teri Hatcher appeared on “The Next Generation,” she asked for her credit not to be included, according to Memory Alpha.

Teri Hatcher: Superstar

In the 1990s and 2000s, Hatcher was incredibly busy and popular. She starred on “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” and later on the massive hit show “Desperate Housewives.” For her role on “Housewives,” Hatcher earned an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. She also appeared on three episodes of the 1990s’ biggest comedy — “Seinfeld.”

Hatcher even starred in a James Bond movie, “Tomorrow Never Dies,” where she acted while pregnant. Interestingly, Hatcher shared billing on the 1997 Bond film with Michelle Yeoh, who would later become Captain (or Emperor) Georgiou on “Star Trek: Discovery.” Fans were taken with Yeoh, wondering if she would be the first female 007

Hatcher on ‘Star Trek’

The episode she appeared in is a memorable one — “The Outrageous Okona.” This story was part of the second season of TNG. It featured a pirate-like freighter captain who wasn’t to be trusted (according to Counselor Troi). Thadiun Okona was played by Billy Campbell, who fans may recognize as the star from the pre-Marvel superhero movie from Disney, “The Rocketeer.” 

Okona encountered Hatcher’s character right away, as she played B.G. Robinson, a Starfleet officer working in the transporter room. They flirted with each other, and later Robinson hosted Okona in her quarters.

Why Hatcher Asked to Be Uncredited

According to her entry on Memory Alpha, Hatcher asked for her name to be removed from the credits because “many of her filmed scenes were removed from the final episode.” This certainly falls into some of the reasons why an actor might not want their role to be credited in a film or television show. 

A B.G. Robinson Return?

Thadiun Okona on ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’

CBSThadiun Okona on ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’

Could Hatcher ever reprise her role as B.G. Robinson, perhaps just as a voiceover? In Hollywood, anything is possible. As seen in the “Star Trek: Lower Decks” episode, “An Embarrassment Of Dooplers,” Okona returned to the Trek universe. Instead of a swashbuckling space-pirate, Okuna had changed his ways and was now working as a galactic DJ

Hatcher is now doing things besides acting, like appearing on podcasts, guest starring on “Wheel of Fortune,” and hosting cooking lessons on her Instagram feed.

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