‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Finale: How and When to Watch

Osyraa and the Regulators on the bridge of the Discovery during battle

CBS All Access

This season of Star Trek: Discovery has taken fans on an incredible journey, which will wrap up tonight with the finale, entitled “That Hope is You, Part 2.

Here’s all the information about how and when to watch:

How to Watch

CBS All Access promotional poster for Star Trek Discovery

CBS All Access

Fans will need a subscription to CBS All Access in order to watch tonight’s episode. The show is exclusive to the streaming platform in the United States.

There are two different subscription plans for the service — a limited commercial plan and a commercial-free plan. The limited commercial option is $5.99 per month or a one-time payment of $59.99 to sign up for the whole year at once. With this plan, subscribers see a few commercials during their shows.

The other option is a commercial-free plan. This plan costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 for the year. Subscribers who opt for this plan will be able to view all their favorite CBS All Access shows without any commercials. When subscribers watch shows live, the normal commercials will play. The site also notes that some shows from certain partner networks will have commercials because of licensing agreements.

CBS All Access always offers a seven-day free trial, so folks who want to watch the finale tonight could sign up for the free trial.

When to Watch

Adira in the Verubin Nebula

CBS All Access

New episodes of Star Trek Discovery are available every Thursday. According to Decider, the episodes are released onto the CBS All Access platform at midnight Pacific Time, which is 3 am for viewers on the East coast.

So, fans on the West coast will need to stay up pretty late if they want to see the finale as soon as it drops. East Coasters will have to sacrifice a good night’s sleep or to wait until they wake up in the morning.

Quick Season 3 Recap

Booker and Burnham on the surface of an M-class planet

CBS All Access

On this season of Discovery, Burnham and the Discovery crew successfully navigated a wormhole and ended up over 900 years in the future. The universe they encountered was vastly different than the one they left.

A catastrophic event dubbed “The Burn” wiped out most of the universe’s supply of dilithium and killed millions. A coalition of Andorians and Orions called the Emerald Chain had become a major power player in both commerce and politics. The Federation was much smaller than it once was and was struggling to remain a major player in interstellar politics.

Discovery’s crew had a difficult time adjusting to their new reality. However, they put duty first and immediately began assisting the Federation in their efforts to maintain order. Throughout the season, they’ve tussled with the Emerald Chain, diligently searched for the cause of the Burn and uncovered information that could fundamentally change the interstellar political landscape.

What’s In Store for the Finale?

Burnham and Osyraa on the bridge of Discovery with the Regulators

CBS All Access

At the end of the last episode, “There is a Tide…,” the bridge crew and their allies were about to mount an offensive against Osyraa and her Emerald Chain operatives, the Regulators. Osyraa, the leader of the Emerald Chain in their sector, had taken control of Discovery and infiltrated Federation headquarters in an attempt to broker peace between the Federation and the Emerald Chain. When the negotiations failed, Osyraa returned to the ship and prepared to attack Federation headquarters.

Lightyears away, Culber, Saru and Adira were trapped on the dilithium planet in the Verubin Nebula with the Kelpian, Su’Kal. Their story wasn’t included in “There is a Tide…,” so the last fans saw them was in the previous episode, “Su’Kal.” At the end of that episode, Adira had just beamed down to the plant with some medications for radiation poisoning to give to Culber and Saru. Culber and Saru had stayed behind on the planet so they could attempt to convince Su’Kal to leave. Their life-threatening mission was crucial, as they’d discovered that Su’Kal was the source of the Burn. If he stayed on the planet, it could happen again.

Teasers and promo photos for the season finale showed that Discovery and Federation headquarters will become a war zone. The bridge crew will engage with the Emerald Chain so they can take back control of the ship. Meanwhile, Osyraa will be focused on destroying the Federation once and for all.

Promotional photos and an exclusive teaser that aired on “The Ready Room” showed that the finale will also follow what’s happening with Saru, Su’Kal, Adira and Culber on the dilithium planet. The Discovery crew members will continue to succumb to the effects of radiation poisoning as they attempt to convince Su’Kal to leave the planet.

Tonight’s finale promises to be a fast-paced, explosive adventure that fans won’t want to miss.

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