Ricard Foyé Reveals Shan Smith Thought He Didn’t Blindside Her

Shan Smith blindsided in Survivor 41

YouTube Shan Smith tells Ricard Foyé, "you have my vote for $1 million" after being blindsided in episode 10 of "Survivor 41."

One of the most powerful moments of “Survivor 41” came in episode 10, when old allies Shan Smith and Ricard Foyé were forced to turn on each other, leading to Shan’s blindside.

After she was voted out, Shan famously stood up and declared that her ally Deshawn Radden was a “snake,” and that Ricard “has my vote for $1 million.” This caused some confusion among fans at the time, given how they were both allies who blindsided her, though fans generally accepted the explanation that Shan felt more betrayed by Deshawn given their bond which she assumed ran deeper than the game, whereas she had often discussed with Ricard the possibility that they would one day have to turn on each another. However, Ricard recently revealed the truth behind that statement: Shan didn’t actually realize that Ricard was in on her blindside.

Here’s what you need to know:

Shan Made a Comment Fans May Have Missed

Liana Wallace and Shan Smith hug in Survivor 41

YouTubeShan Smith and Liana Wallace embrace upon Shan’s blindside in episode 10 of “Survivor 41.”

In a January interview with Rob Cesternino, Ricard spoke about Shan’s blindside at the final 8, and said that he, like the audience, was under the impression that Shan was impressed with him for making a good move in blindsiding her. However, he went on: “The only thing I couldn’t have anticipated was that she thought Liana turned on her and not me – that really caught me off guard when I found that out at Ponderosa, but that’s what it was.”

Ricard went on to say that Shan’s misreading of the situation was clear “on a re-watch,” based on a quiet comment she made to her ally Liana:

On a re-watch, when she says ‘Love you, babe’ to me [while] she’s getting voted out, I thought she was just embracing this last moment with me. But this very small detail is, she turns around, stands up and gives Liana a hug, and she says, “Good move.” …She’s specifically saying to Liana, “You did a good move getting me out,” which was just not at all the situation. But that still showed that she was giving respect to whoever played a good move.

Indeed, if fans go and re-watch the scene, Shan clearly says, “Liana, great play,” as they hug. Although Shan never revealed she didn’t realize Ricard was a part of her blindside in any of her exit interviews – and indeed often reiterated her love for him – it is clear that Ricard is correct in his assessment when watching Liana’s Ponderosa video. In the video, which takes place after Liana is voted out (two days after Shan), Shan says to her, “We thought you were in on the blindside, like that killed me.” At that point, Liana revealed the whole story.

Shan Gave Ricard the Cold Shoulder After He Was Voted Out

Shan Smith ignores Ricard Foye at ponderosa

YouTubeShan Smith ignores Ricard Foyé a day after his arrival at Ponderosa.

Although Ricard believed that his friendship with Shan transcended the game, and that they would be able to reunite after his elimination at the final 5, it became clear in his own Ponderosa video that Shan had not forgiven him once she found out he was behind her blindside. After he arrived, Shan refused to speak to him for days, and consistently gave him the cold shoulder.

“I anticipated a little bit of hesitation from Shan,” Ricard said. “I still don’t fully get it, I don’t understand why we have such tension…but, it is what it is.”

He later spoke of his bond with Shan, saying that “Right now…it is nothing.”

In his RHAP interview, Ricard said of Shan’s attitude toward him, “I think what shifted though at Ponderosa was she realized she didn’t have a read on the situation at all, and I think that was very hard for her to process.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. Season 42 premieres March 9, 2022.

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