‘Survivor’ Winner Filed For Divorce, Lost a Brother This Past Year

The Yara tribe flag in Survivor: Winners at War

CBS The Yara tribe flag in Survivor: Winners at War

“Survivor” winner Parvati Shallow has filed for divorce from husband John Fincher, a fellow “Survivor” contestant whom she met through “Survivor” events. In the divorce proceedings, she has filed for a temporary restraining order against him. Here’s what we know about the split.

Shallow Is Citing an Argument The Two Had Recently In Her Restraining Order Request

According to US Weekly, Shallow has requested a temporary restraining order be put in place between her and Fincher for domestic violence protection, asking the court the order Fincher not to “harass, attack, strike, threaten, assault” her or “contact [her], either directly or indirectly, in any way” and to stay 100 yards away from her She has also requested that Fincher only have supervised visits with their daughter, Alma, 3.

US Weekly said that both Shallow and Fincher both cite in their court documents a recent incident in which they had a verbal altercation. Shallow said that Fincher was “verbally and physically aggressive” during the fight, which “made [her] feel really scared, like he’s crossed a line and his rage has overcome him and that he can’t stop himself.”

Fincher states, “I did not hit, kick, push or in any other way have any physical contact with Parvati at any time [that night],” according to US Weekly.

Shallow and Fincher Have A Daughter Together

According to The Blast, Shallow filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Court on August 24 citing irreconcilable differences. Shallow and Fincher have been together for seven years and were married in July 2017. Their daughter Alma was born in July 2018. Both Fincher and their daughter were part of the loved ones’ visit during “Survivor: Winners at War,” and there are family photos on Shallow’s Instagram account as recently as Christmas Day 2020.

Shallow and Fincher are both “Survivor” alums, though they did not meet on the show. Shallow has played in four seasons: “Micronesia,” which she won, “Cook Islands,” “Heroes. vs. Villains” and “Winners at War.”

Fincher competed on “Survivor: Samoa,” finishing in ninth place. He and Shallow met through “Survivor” alumni events.

It Has Been a Tough Year for Shallow

Shallow revealed on Instagram last November that her younger brother Kaelan died at the age of 26. She did not get into a ton of details about his death, but she did open up about Kaelan’s struggle with addiction and afterward, started a series of Instagram videos in his memory about “addiction, recovery, and how to return to wholeness.”

In his obituary, the family said that Kaelan “had a long and difficult struggle with addiction which he attempted to overcome many times.”

Just two months ago, Shallow made a post about her grief because it overwhelmed her over something that was seemingly not a big deal.

On a photo of her with her daughter, Shallow wrote:

Grief has different ways of getting your attention

My bike was stolen last week and I cried for 2 days straight. It wasn’t about the bike.

I’ve lost a lot in a very short period of time and I’m feeling it. Sometimes.

And, then sometimes I feel totally ok and able to do life perfectly fine

I’m sharing this in case any of you have lost something or someone you love and are feeling tender about it. You’re not alone in your emotional ups and downs

Don’t be afraid to open up and ask for help if you need it

I’m reaching out for more support than ever and getting lots of love in return. I’m still showing up for my clients and my family even through the emotional waves. I’m learning how to be grieving and be living at the same time

And if anyone has seen my bike out there in LA, call me! I want it back.

In a more recent Instagram photo posted since the news broke about her divorce, Shallow wrote, “I’m going through a very hard time right now. In times of great challenge, I’ve learned to slow way down and take things moment by moment. My priority now is to create a brave, loving & safe space for me and my daughter so that I can show up with calm presence, strength of heart and resilience as we walk through this difficult time.”

“Survivor” returns for its 41st season on Wednesday, September 22. The 42nd season will air in the spring of 2022. Seasons 43 and 44 are casting now, so if you’ve always wanted to apply, now is your chance!

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